Game Thread: Tulsa at Oklahoma State Week 1

Are you anticipating him only playing 1 half because the game will be so far out of hand?

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Can we stay vanilla? It’s not like we have 3 “warmup” games this year. We got this game and straight into WV.

You’re probably right. Plus we have the unknown of Dunn as OC. Is he uncaged and allowed to fly? Is that even his style? Does he have a certain someone vetoing calls through the headset?

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Nope. He gets ejected halfway through the second quarter for “not hearing the whistle” and beheading a Tulsa QB after jumping offsides.


“That decapitation prop bet kids is how we paid off the mortgage and are going to Disney World.”


MASHING that over


Hot take : Chuba rushes for less yardage per game this year than last year.

The Why is important, but I certainly hope so and that it’s because Sanders is much better as a passer.

I don’t know that that’s a hot take. Less experience at OL. Spencer maybe limits INTs. It’s actually logical. I think the hot take is he gets more per game yardage, higher than Barry’s year.

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I just saw too much rust around the college football landscape on Saturday to make me think we’re going to come out looking like world beaters. I hope we do! But I think this one ends up around 38-13. I’d love to drop 60, I just think it’ll take a minute for both teams to get their footing. Over/under at 66.5… I’ll take the under.


I was thinking under too . D might try for the shutout

Under is gooooood

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There was no reason for Sanders to not play in four games his freshman year, yet…

Actually, I really don’t care. Just wanted to bring that up at least one more time. :rofl:


I predict a different substitution pattern this year. Due to fewer games, and increased risk of players getting sick during the season, I think we substitute specific players more frequently (i.e., put the freshman guard in for a few plays in a series in the 2nd quarter) and do less platoon substitutions (i.e., bring in all the 2’s or 3’s at once). I also think we could see a tendency for Gundy to pursue a higher margin of victory than he normally does. Again - fewer games and fewer chances to impress the committee. With the potential of this team, I don’t think he wants the committee saying, “well, Oklahoma State only beat so and so by XX points”…

I’m very excited for like 20 years from now when someone like Dillon Stoner is the head coach and Clint Chelf Jr. is the QB, for as soon as something goes bad people will still blame everything wrong with OSU football on the fact that Spencer Sanders didn’t play 4 games his redshirt year.


Well, it would have been the start of a dynasty. So can’t blame folks, really.

Unis?? I’m going white orange white with the orange brand and black/orange stripe.

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White black orange for me .

White / Orange / White

Sounds like Tay Martin will start or atleast at a minimum be in the normal rotation based off Gundy’s comment yesterday. Hopefully that means he’s the real deal.