Georgia Transfer Sahvir Wheeler to Announce Decision Monday

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OSU, Kentucky, Kansas or LSU?

His choices come down to Big 12 and SEC. Since he is from Georgia I predict he pics SEC school. If he can be a starter at Kentucky I see him going there. If he has to ride the bench there then I see him becoming a Bengal Tiger instead. LSU has a beautiful campus.

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It’ll probably be Kentucky.

He’s from Texas, so who knows

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At this point, I’d be more surprised if he DOESN’T choose us than I would be if he DID. Boynton’s that good!


Being from Texas now changes my crystal ball image and I dimly see a very, very faint hint of orange, not burnt orange, but more like the brightest orange.
I really miss Eddie Sutton as the years go on.
I think back to those absolutely horrible teams I saw from 1966-1970 because Mr. Iba did not want to adapt to the newer ways of recruiting players because he said he preferred to spend the off season fishing. Then we finally get a bit better with coach Leonard Hamilton who I can’t believe he is still coaching, he goes way back. But then coach Sutton arrives and what he did to rebuild that winning tradition just seemed unbelievable. I had heard of him as a great coach at Arkansas and Kentucky but at that time I had no idea he was an OSU alum and I just could not understand how a famous coach at that level of success would accept the job at lowly OSU. Fortunately, there is now enough to think that Mike Boynton just might turn into a great coach. It’s early but there are signs of big success on the way. Does he have talented enough assistant coaches? I don’t know. The AD needs to give the man whatever he needs to build his teams. I could live with coming in second place behind Kansas year after year as long as OSU goes deep in the NCAA tournament. I think Scott Drew might get some big time money thrown at him to lure him away from Baylor in a few years. The chance to take over a blue blood team.

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According to Robert he wasn’t going to get any recruits with it being so close to the end of the school year.

With the portal its crazy out there.
When I said that the guys we are now talking about weren’t even in to portal.

There is a guy at smu thats got into the portal, any body want him.

Drew is not some young new coach.
Are we saying good coach or good recruiter. We have seen the recuriting.

I am saying good coach and good recruiter because of the highly ranked teams Boynton upset this past season. Also, he won games without Cade and Ice at times. What more does Boynton have to show fans before they see him as being a legit good coach? Being a good recruiter still does not mean that you are going to always get the players you want. Just as the best sales person does not close every deal. People have free choice and players all have their own reasons for not accepting offers to play for OSU. That has nothing to do with Boynton’s ability to recruit. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink absolutely relates to people. I say this as having been a clinical psychologist and at times also a professional salesman. And a basketball coach has to be both of those professions.

I’m saying he is a nice recruiter.
But things that went on last year doesn’t show me he is a great coach yet.

A good recuirter has better players so should win, beyond the coaches abilities.

Yes they won games without cade and ice. Oh yea isu and ksu. Both those teams were missing most of their starters. Is that what u mean.
So that leaves an over rated west Virginia. And it took a career day from Avery.
People have said are turnovers was partly do to cade, but both wv games had 20.
Thats to late in the year to have 20 turnovers.
Not to mention how they did against true centers.
Cade closed games out even scoring 40 plus to do it.

I can go on. So no he has not shown his advancement as a coach. Not say he wouldn’t win.

Yes, you just validated my point. With his players making so many turnovers his teams still won important games. Coach is not responsible for turnovers or players missing free throws which this team had both of those problems. I am curious if you have watched the games on TV or if you only listen to them on radio?
People who know about basketball, such as former coaches who are now TV commentators all praise Boynton as a great young coach. But I guess we all have our own criteria for what makes a good coach. As I posted, I watched in person Mr. Iba coach teams for 4 years and those teams were terrible. Did that make him a poor coach? If he was a great coach should he have been able to turn bad players into champions? I think not. He was a great coach who in his own words hurt the program by not wanting to spend his time recruiting. So what do you see about Boynton that shows you that he is not yet a good coach. I am not saying he is a great coach, it is too soon to judge that. I am saying he is a good coach who is showing potential to be great some day if he can just land the right talent. Even the right talent does not guarantee success. Travis Ford had Marcus Smart and that is an example of bad coaching.

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Well I see u are going of of wins. Yes we won more last year.
Did that mean he did any better in the actual games.

I’m not into comparing coaches. I know some great recruiters (Williams and Self) i wouldn’t call them great coaches. They have won a ton of games.

Your rite u can say a coach calls plays to make turnovers. But u want the team to clean up their act later in the season.

Player development hasn’t shown up. I dnot mean guys stats going up because they play more(Avery and boone). But guys like the 3 seniors we had and ice. Those 4 have started and none got better stats. Boynton had 3 years with all 4.

His teams completely fall apart when teams make runs. He does nothing(unless u talk about cade taking over) to rein in the team.

I have talked about assist and a center. People on here talk like I’m an idiot. Thats funny I guess Boynton is an idiot too. He has talked about both.

Free-throws is a coachable thing. Its about tech and patience focus. I’m not say u take a 50% shooter and turns them into 80%.

Self isn’t a great coach? LOL

I guess that depends on great coach.
Yes lots of wins
Yes lots of league titles
Does he pull out upsets or wins games he should.
7 years lost by second round. He was heavy favorites in all those games and probably the sweet 16 game.
Lost a ton of games that he had no business losing.
Yes basketball u dnt win them all. But he has shown he has been constantly lost to lower teams in the dance.

So great recuirter, Yes. Gotten alot talent to win alot of games and league titles.

In the end does he out perform his recuriting class. NO

It’s pointless to argue with him. A 10-6 record against top 25 teams isn’t good enough for him. If you beat a top 10 team on the road without 2 of your best players it isn’t impressive.

Instead, a coach consistently losing Bedlam or blowing every opportunity when he gets a chance is what’s impressive in his eyes. That’s what makes a good coach.

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Like usual joe u look at numbers to fit ur argument. Ou was on ur list of top 25. In the end ou wasn’t ranked.
Baylor wasn’t the only top ten when.
I am not going to argue with u joe ur an idiot.
I said we will see how it goes on his coaching. If u believe he has complete control of the games then so be it. If u think its great we have no assist and turnovers went up as the season went on is a good sign ok great

That’s why I don’t usually argue. I state my opinions as opinions and nothing more. Everyone else has their own way of looking at things which form their opinions. It’s interesting to see how everyone on this blog can watch the same games but come up with such different conclusions. Which is why I don’t feel a need to defend my opinions since they only matter to me and they might be really way off.

Is Mike Gundy a great coach?

But you as always include Gundy in top 25 wins even if the team doesn’t finish the season ranked. Hypocrite much?