Georgia Transfer Sahvir Wheeler to Announce Decision Monday

Logan if u can’t break up a coach as a recuirter and his abilities “to” coach, there is no point of talking about.
On gundy he is a better coach then his recuriting.

A good coach doesn’t tell his entire team, fan base, and with everyone in the country watching that he gives up in the biggest game of the year with 12 minutes still remaining. That’s exactly what your “good” coach did my friend.

Football went 2 and 2 if I did what u say, I would say 4 and 2.

Poor baby I feel for u.

These all apply to gundy. Oops wrong quote. Obviously not a lot of league titles. Meant to put the wins one.

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U and Joe has made this about gundy.
Ok let’s get at it.
Ur comparing self to gundy ok.
Self has recruited in the top 10 national. Losses to school like oru in season and Timbuktu in the dance.
Gundy losses r to like tcu, who has a higher recuriting average. Just because the bet line has us over a tcu doesn’t mean they aren’t on the same level.
But yea I see ur point its obvious, wait what was ur point.

I’m comparing what you think is not a great coach (Self) to someone you idolize (Gundy) based on the things you said don’t make self great. Gundy falls in almost the exact same spot as self based on what you said except his recruiting isn’t as good and he doesn’t have tons of conference titles.

U not even close to say what I’m saying.
I’m say self is a great recruiter by get top ten if not top 5 classes. But consistently losses games in the dance to teams well below ku level. So game time coaching is not as good.
Self will go down as a great coach but know for alot of really big losses.
If u can’t understand that, thats fine.
Gundy has averaged almost 5th in the big 12 with his recuriting class. Has placed closer 3rd. So better game time coach.

He averages 4th. One whole place better than he recruits.

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And self should be in the elite eight every year which is closer.

4 and 2? But a coach that goes 10-6 isn’t deemed worthy yet? So a coach that’s been around for 17 years and we know exactly what to expect from him is deemed more worthy just because he’s been above average so far?

Look ur obsession with me gundy and boynton is getting tiresome

No!!! We have made this about you!!! You praise a coach that’s been above average most of his career.

Was it not so long ago you gave Boynton crap for not being able to recruit anyone? Then he goes and picks up some decent transfers and a former 5 star recruit. Then you seem to disappear for a while.

The dude goes 10-6 in what many considered the toughest league in college basketball this year. Goes 21-9 and makes the tourney with a first round win for the first time in 12 years and then all the while you still continued to complain about assists and turnovers.

Then he goes in the road and beats the #6 team in the country without two of his best players (which Gundy has yet to do in his career) and that’s still not enough for you.

The dude literally took a team in 2017 with very limited talent and no draft prospects. He goes 2-1 against Kansas and 2-1 against OU and goes deep into the NIT with almost no talent at all left for disposal. A team in which many national pundits that season stated they should’ve made the NCAA tourney.

What else does the guy need to do to prove to you that he can recruit and coaches his butt off?

Does he walk on water.
I know ur making about me. U urself have sad firer him if he doesn’t work out. The deal is not once have I said fire him.
I would say last time was young, that why no assist or ft and high turnover. But 2 things. The numbers got worse or not better. Today’s freshman could have played 400 games or more.
When boynton walks on water I will fall in line.
Anyway. By getting just tranfers will cause transfer.

U keep going about 8 and 6. Big 12 was overrated. One really good team 5 so so. There is a reason why only 1 was in the top 10 at the end.

I have no idea out of all that rambling you just posted what on earth you actually said. I can’t make sense of three year old talk. Can you please be a little more clearer?

Its not my riting ur just an idiot


I don’t think riting has an asterisk in it. But ur the one whom can spell.

It’s a correction.

Why r u correcting urself