Giving Away Chris' University Spirit Gift Cards During Coronavirus

Chris’ University Spirit is a sponsor of our podcast as well as the printer and distributor of a lot of our gear. We want to help them out by giving away some $50 gift cards to folks on here every Friday for the foreseeable future (starting April 3).

All you have to do is comment on this thread with your favorite OSU play of all time (i.e. Mario Boggan’s shot to beat KD and Texas), and I’ll randomly select somebody on Fridays as coronavirus continues to put us in quarantine.

If you haven’t registered with PFB, you’ll have to to comment on this thread. You can do so (for free) right here

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Favorite play not player. I is smart.

Justin Blackmon running out of the end zone for a w.


Tyreek Hill running down the sideline in Norman.


Rashaun Wood’s catch Bedlam 2001.

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Byron Eaton’s circus shot against Texas in the 3 OT game.

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Tylan’s amazing catch over the back of a defender for an TD against Texas in Homecoming.

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I only choose this play for the iconic pic that captures an entire timeless season.

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Joseph Randle swing pass. Any of ‘em.

If we live out of state, can we have you donate it to any of the people you are helping with job losses?

I don’t remember if it was baseline, but Tony Allen threw it down against OU in the 03-04 season, in the away game. It was amazing.

For me it’s a toss up between John Lucas III hitting the 3 to send us to the Final Four, and Mitchell Solomon’s hustle play to get the loose ball from Trae Young in the 2018 Bedlam win.

John Lucas III winner against St Joes in 2004

2019 Iowa dual. Pich pinning Spencer Lee

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Terry Miller running south along the west sideline for a touchdown during the OSU vs ou football game October 23, 1976.

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Trevor Boone bomb

Barry’s 80 yard run against Iowa State in '88. It was third and ten, they had just taken the lead, and we were floundering. Gundy had thrown two straight incomplete passes, and the Iowa St crowd smelled blood. But then Barry was off to the races. Tied the game and then we won going away.

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Mitchell Solomon diving on the floor as mr. young looks on in disbelief and jam it home

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I am sure we do…I just didnt look for it. not that tech savvy. sorry.