Giving Away Hoboken Coffee During Coronavirus

Hoboken Coffee in Guthrie, OK has been a sponsor of Pistols Firing for a long, long time, and I’ve loved working with them. I know all restaurants are struggling right now so we’re going to help them out by purchasing some beans every Friday (starting April 3) and giving them away randomly to somebody who’s commented on this post.

All you have to do is comment on this thread with your favorite OSU game of all time, and I’ll randomly select somebody (maybe multiple somebodys) on Fridays as coronavirus continues to put us in quarantine.

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2011 Fiesta Bowl

2011 Fiesta Bowl. Is there another option?

Mine is 2011 Fiesta Bowl as well, especially since I was there with my family. But to mix it up, I will go with the 1984 Gator Bowl featuring Barry Hanna’s TD catch (a candidate for the “favorite play” thread for me as well).
[Edit - I just can’t leave it with the 84 Gator Bowl. Gonna change it to the 2011 Bedlam game. Coming out of that game I was cautiously optimistic that we would be in the BCS Championship Game. I remember conversations with my wife on possibly getting tickets…]

I was at the 2011 Fiesta Bowl…hard to put into words what that 4th quarter did to my heart

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Iowa wrestling 2019

OU 2011

2011 Bedlam game was pretty great.

2011 Bedlam…so satisfying to watch.

My favorite Game was Kansas State, because I was on the sidelines. It was so cool to see everything up so close. When you are 59, 5th grade teacher it’s once in a lifetime thing. (2019)

The 1986 Bedlam basketball game in Stillwater. It was Paul Hanson’s last home game and the first time I ever saw
us win a game over the land thieves. Also my first court storming.
I remember walking in the arena and feeling the electricity and excitement. We weren’t going to lose that night

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2002 bedlam since I was there.

2011 bedlam. For rushing reasons

Triple overtime win over Texas and the cupcake with Byron Eaton’s nearly half court falling out of bounds shot.

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1945 Sugar bowl


UMass game to advance to Final 4 in 1995…I graduated in 1993, watched those seniors become such a great team. A rush I will not forget, even though I was in watching on the TV in Knoxville TN

A tie: 1976 Bedlam (Terry Miller special) and 2011 Fiesta Bowl. Was lucky enough to be at both.

2011 Fiesta Bowl vs. Stanford
2004 Elite 8 Game vs. St. Joes

2017 Bedlam.