Goodnight Vienna

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The end of an era at PFB.


Thanks Kyle for keeping me informed.


Daggum Porter!!! For some reason, as I was reading this, I had a bad allergy attack, or it got dusty or something!:pleading_face:
Thank YOU for all your work on this site. It’s become as much a daily routine as I have EVER had. You’ve chosen your accomplices well and I don’t think these guys will miss a beat!
Personally, I want to thank you for allowing me to type up my thoughts on Gundy’s pressers back in the day…and you actually used them. That gives me a great sense of pride - really - and I appreciate it. You’re going to be missed, my friend! Best wishes this season of the year, this season of your life, and from now on to you, Mrs. Pistols, and the kids. Thanks for keeping the Cowboy Nation informed and entertained. Go Pokes!!


Well I can say you got number 5 completely wrong. The best thing you ever wrote for this site was this right here. Way to go out on top!


“This news will undoubtedly delight a small percentage of you.”

Not to be a d***, but how exactly do you know it’s only a small percentage? What information do you have that says otherwise? If you do have that information will you provide it to the readers?

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This is the kind of all-time take that I will both miss and not miss.


I’ve enjoyed Marshall’s content, but without question this website just lost it’s top writer.
I’ve enjoyed your writing all the way back to your breakdowns of basketball box scores!

In all seriousness though. I’ve appreciated the way you’ve covered OSU sports. I don’t always tend to agree with you on every article but that’s okay. I think you are probably a genuine good person that’s tries to stay positive.

Sorry Kyle, Joe is infamously known as the most pessimistic and all-around “I feel sorry for Joe’s quality of life and the people around him” type of person on these posts.

I’ve disagreed with some (a lot) of your takes, but regardless of opinions you’ve given us an overwhelming amount of great Oklahoma state content that we never would have gotten otherwise. This site has been the best source of Oklahoma state sports info for me for the better half of a decade. I, along with the majority of positive-minded people on this site (excluding Joe, Art, and others that spend 5-6 hours per day posting negative comment after negative comment on here) really appreciate everything you’ve done for fans of Oklahoma state athletics. Thank you for giving us an easy and accessible platform to show our elation from countless victories (and frustration from countless losses) over the years. Hopefully you’ll get to write a CBS article about how awesome it was to watch Rickie win his first major sometime in the near future.


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So being realistic means you are automatically pessimistic? The people that surround me enjoy and appreciate my straight forward and honest takes. If there is something that isn’t working or people don’t like then we have a duty to be honest about it.

A person should never surround themselves with YES men because it does not benefit them to grow stronger or use critical or logical thinking in further development of themselves as human beings. You don’t provide solutions to problems or matters by ignoring the facts and living in fantasy land.

If I have any objectivity to someone else’s beliefs or opinions I at the very least do my due diligence to provide the information that serves as my analysis and conclusions. If a person doesn’t like the information even if it provides facts and evidence to support it then throwing a fit about it because you don’t like it doesn’t make anything better.

If I were a patient in a doctor’s office, and the doctor and I both knew there was a cure for my ailment, then would I ask the doctor to keep treating the symptoms or to resolve the core problem so I stop having the symptoms?

Thanks for the last 10 years, Kyle! I hope you at least pop back in as a guest on the pod from time to time.

Best of luck in all your future endeavors.

Joe u really amaze me. I didn’t agree 100% with kyle, but just let people have their moments in the sun.
Kyle have fun enjoy life

Kyle - 1st time poster here, and more-than-likely last.

I’ve probably read 90% of what you have written for this site over the past 10 years. I can safely say I remember enjoying reading all of it, but can’t remember any of it.

Except for 2 posts: when you brought your son to his first OSU game and when you wrote about your daughter. Both impacted me and will stick with me forever.

I’m thankful for your voice and I pray the Lord continues to use it for His glory.


I’m not crying, you’re crying. Seriously, I will miss your writing and I will miss your heart in the site. But know you did the best thing for you. Congratulations again from an internet stranger/friend!


U really have a warped sense of responsibility. This is a site to give ur opinion. Not instill ur agenda. Joe he is give a farewell not a opinion article. U don’t need to be honest just nice

Beautifully written. I think my first exposure to PFB was in 2014, but I know I’ve been a regular reader for the past 5 years. You created something we’ve enjoyed for years and will hopefully enjoy for many more to come. Thank you Kyle.

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I gave him a compliment. I even said he did a nice job. Do you only respond to objective comments that don’t conform to your line of thinking?

Hey Kyle, I have read your blog from day 1 and I can say it has been a part of my daily routine ever since. I have so enjoyed being informed and reading the hope for our beloved Cowboys in your writing. I can say I have been frustrated at times with the objectivity, but never thought about not visiting the site again. You have a job and you have done it well. Reading about the games and recruiting has been awesome, but I will say the one thing I will miss the most is the Faith based articles you have posted. They have been apart of my faith walk and I have talked about them and shared them with my mens group as well as my wife over the years. Thank you for prompting those conversation and being a light in the world of sports. I pray God will continue to use you. God Bless

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