Gov. Kevin Stitt 'Torn' on OU to the SEC, Concerned about OSU but Happy for OU

My issue is Stitt’s approach to COVID is do nothing/say nothing…

Well you are right about finance dept but there are still a lot of scummy car salesmen out there. Don’t fool yourself thinking that there aren’t

well Ok I can see you feeling that way although in reality there is not much he can do that will have a measurable effect. Probably the best thing to do as governor is to promote getting vaccinated . Even that is a hard task given the fact that the data is still changing around how well the vaccine works and the side effects. Also the fed’s lying about the facts and politicizing the vaccine has caused a lot of distrust and that hasn’t helped the cause.

Ok, I agree in theory with most everything you said…….up until you said “OU is a better program today because of Oklahoma State’s massively improved football team”. You gave no points to back that statement up…….because there are none. OSU’s success, or lack there of, has no effect on OU at all. For the most part, OU doesn’t lose recruits to OSU. Of course it happens, but not in any way is it an effect on OU’s program. OU is more of a National recruiting brand than they’ve ever been. OU’s success is what helps OSU’s recruit. While OU skips over the local guys (which I hate), OSU cleans up in state. OSU is enjoying the greatest 20 years in the history of their program. During that span, OU has gone on its longest drought between Nat titles in its history. You’ve got this point all wrong

And in consultation with the idiot & COVID-19 co-conspirator Greg the homophobic xenophobic misogynist racist evangelical fascist hypocritical ignorant fool -what possibly could go wrong? Just askin’?

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He’s doing exactly as he should in free republic. We don’t need hand holding or lockdowns. Live your life

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Sure. I can see your point. But remember the SI cover of Dez Bryant catching a pass with the title “Cowboy Up.” That set off a lot of OU fans. It was the beginning of the demise of Stoops for not winning and the push for a higher performing offence. OU also forgot they have to play something called defense. As for national recruiting, Texas is the prime recruiting grounds for OU. Look at Oregon, they offer a scholarship to every swinging 5-star Richard in the nation, and they get them. The last five QB’s except for the current QB, what’s his name, all came from Texas or Oklahoma. OSU doesn’t have the national brand like OU, but they do pretty good. OU wants to take it to an all-different level. They want to be Alabama.

Ok, so you’re saying an SI cover of Dez Bryant in 2009 was the demise of Bob Stoops? OU went on to win Bedlam that year. How in the hell would an SI cover of OSU be the demise of Bob Stoops? He coached for 7 more seasons after that.

As for Oregon offering & getting every 5⭐️? According to Rivals. In the 2020, 2021 & 2022 classes there have been 82 five star recruits. Oregon has gotten 5 of those. Your perception is waaaaay off. Oregon does a good job. But they’re not getting 5⭐️‘S like Clemson, Bama & Ohio St. They are very similar to OU on the 5⭐️ front. That’s not opinion. That’s fact

OU recruiting Texas. Yes. That’s always been their primary grounds and always will be.

Isn’t everybody trying to be like Bama?!?!

I’m tryin’. The COVID-carrying anti-vaxxers are muckin’ it up…

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Sounds like your scared

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Well if you think those who don’t get vaccinated are a threat then consider what I believe to be true. That is the vaccination is only marginally good at preventing someone from being infected. So even vaccinated folks can catch and spread the virus. What the vaccine (it’s really a therapeutic, not a true vaccine) seems to do well is to mitigate the severity of the symptoms and prevent death. So get vaccinated if you are able to and live life. Also please don’t take my word as gospel on the data, do your own research, come to your own conclusions and take whatever action you determine best for you.


I am scared. Hospitals are full. School is back in session. Delta is hitter younger people harder. Oklahoma is lagging behind in vaccinations (although has picked up recently).

Yep the data is still changing and with so many folks at the Fed level, politicians, media etc spreading inaccurate info and just plain lying it’s hard to understand the threat. The best we can all do is control what we can control and not worry about the rest. One thing that I have been focusing on is the death rate instead of the number of cases, which is what everyone seems to be focused on. So far that metric hasn’t gotten too bad although as I write this I realize I haven’t checked the data in about a week. Need to go do that.

These retarded vaccines are the reason for these new variants and mutations

Yea I’d like to see the data/research/etc that indicates that is the case. Is there any that you can cite?

Has there been any data on which of the vaccine is worse.

I’ll get ya some whether you believe it or not is up to you, because it’s not gonna be coming from our fraudulent faucci or cdc

I think the Johnson and Johnson one has had the most issues.

You miss quoted me. I used, “the beginning." You used, “was the demise of Bob Stoops." Huge difference. I’m using beginning in the context of there are other factors to consider. You’re implying it was THE SI cover page alone that was the demise of Stoop’s career.

As for Oregon…

From, “The 6-foot-4, 315-pound Banks chose Oregon over a final five of Texas, Texas A&M, Oklahoma State and LSU. He holds 24 scholarship offers and took official visits to each of his finalists in the month of June, with the Aggies getting the final official visit.”

Finally, you stated, “Isn’t everybody trying to be like Bama!!!” Do you know the definition of the word everybody? Based on your definition, every D1 football team in the U.S. wants to be like Alabama. Please! You know that every team can’t be like Alabama because it’s impossible based on a whole variety of reasons. For those of us based in reality, know there are about five schools that have the resources to possibly reach the dominance of Alabama… and guess what, it ain’t the Kent State Golden Flashes or UTEP Miners.