Grades: OSU, Gundy Flunk Another Test as Season Comes to End

Sometimes change is needed regardless of person feelings or loyalty to people. Gundy is smart and brilliant. But we have the expanded playoffs on the horizon so expectations are going to be high. Gundy has set those by getting 10+ win seasons. 2011 changed a lot of minds. I don’t always agree with Cody Stovall of locked on OSU but when your coach has done more with less in the past it’s pretty much expected to go out and win a lot of games. There was a time when just getting to a bowl game meant something but times have changed so much that bowl games don’t even mean much anymore. It’s quite obvious we can’t block, develop, and struggle with the offense. That’s on the staff not getting these guys to play at their best. 20 plus offensive linemen and protecting the QB is a issue also opening up bigger gaps for the run game. We haven’t had exactly a star wide receiver in years now either. Something needs to happen.

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I think some of these people are acting like people are wanting Gundy fired so they are getting offensive about it. I would love to see our O’line develop and good QB play to happen. There’s some things that has a been a struggle for a good while now.

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I saw Boone’s take more as don’t piss down my neck and tell me it is raining.


TCU has been a heck of story this year. Geeze I can’t believe they had a quick turnaround like they did. I wonder if Patterson is kicking himself right now.

Heck I wasn’t expecting a easy win but irritated we couldn’t get Rangel in some better position to make plays. A little gut wrenching to see so many prayer throws. Some people are fine with that. I believe in the next couple of years with the expanded playoffs happening some changes in the program will happen. They’ll be pressure from the School, donors, and fans if we can’t get one of those spots every other year or more frequently than not. Gundy has already adapted to the portal. These teams coming in next season have money and are pretty hungry.

“Instead, he deflects, distracts and in this case, name-calls out of insecurity. It’s a pattern.”

I know a couple of guys on this forum that do this. Notice how neither of them have commented yet? I suppose they are both in agreement with Gundy’s reaction. My opinion is the question should’ve been asked even before the end of the season. Everyone wants to bi+ch and complain about injuries without seeing that this team has not adjusted or improved in any significant way the last half of the season (except maybe the defense a little).

You can only go so long losing by double digits and getting embarrassed on television by 6-6 teams before somebody eventually starts asking questions. If you’re the highest paid coach in a P5 conference you better be expecting some tough questions coming your way when something looks like a turd sandwich. This dude is getting paid 7.5 mil a year. If he can’t handle the job without getting butt hurt then get out of the way and let someone in that will.


Oklahoma State Athletics Does Not Need A blog, But This blog Needs Oklahoma State Athletics. Bite The Hand That Feeds You.


Where did you go last night?

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So you just want a blog that blows smoke up your backside about OSU athletics. You can have it. Robert Allen is the only person you need to hear.


Let’s be honest about the expanded Playoffs. In the last 18 seasons Gundy at best would have made 3. Loosing OU and Texas isn’t going to make Gundy coach better so 1 every 5 to 7 years ang getting knocked out in the 1st round is the best you could hope for.

Pathetic response to Marshall’s question IMO. Agree with everything except about the defense. B- really???I

It was discombobulated all season long. We gave up more big plays, runs and passes, this season than in the last 10 prior! Look at the start of last night’s game, their RB ran for some crazy long runs because the corner over on that side went inside and got blocked. You’re always taught to stay outside and make a runner go inside where you have help. And not just that, we had blown coverage assignments And I am not blaming the kids, that’s all coaching and all falls to the guy at the top of the D. You guys will eventually see it my way RE Mason. Dude’s a BU$T!

Wasn’t the best as far as timing but it’s a legit question. He’s paid far too much to say all that and talk about families, job$, blah, blah, blah for coaches who make a heck of a lot more than Marshall Scott, who also has a family, and saying he might banish him for asking that. See the hypocrisy or naw?

At this point we need to focus on fixing the offense and revisit Mason next year. The offense is so ■■■■ bad the defense has kept us halfway in games down the stretch.

When the question should be asked is a good question. The answer is “never” because for a myriad reasons it can’t be answered and shouldn’t be. Scott should know better than to ask a sensitive question like that that can’t be answered. Now I haven’t watched the clip and I am not defending Gundy’s response but given the situation and all that was going on I could see Gundy getting upset. Also PF and Gundy have had some bad blood in the past and I seem to recall Gundy pulling PF’s creds at least once before.

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I agree that it’s a tough question. But for you to say that question should “never” be asked is incorrect. You have to ask questions……even if you know they aren’t gonna answer it. That’s the reporters job. Gundys is to answer it or deflect it in a professional way. If you think that question is out of bounds, disrespectful or combative…….then you live in a utopian sports society that doesn’t exist.


Yep RA is a Homer deluxe so because of that one is wise to listen to what he says with that in mind. But being a Homer doesn’t mean he is always wrong. I read the article, thank you @Snappy for posting it, and think what it say’s is pretty spot on

No a coach is never going to tell the truth to a question like that. So it’s a waste of time asking it. It’s only purpose, if it has one at all, is to drive divisiveness.

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Maybe Marshall was just trying to poke the bear a little.

No but I do believe in Respect, one reason why I don’t have a Twitter account

LOL I think he succeeded