Grades: OSU, Gundy Flunk Another Test as Season Comes to End

UGA Rose Bowl: What happened was UGA going strictly man in the 2nd half. You had a young CeeDee Lamb & a scrawny HollyWood Brown getting bullied at the LOS by the DB’s. You also had Lincoln go into a shell offensively. Add in the OU defense wasn’t any good…….you get beat. I’ll argue with anybody that OU would’ve won the Nat title if they hold on to win that game. But……who knows.

Lebby: He’s a very, very good OC. He’s not Lincoln Riley, but who is? I love what he does in the run game. Love his QB run game. Add in his recruiting prowess & he’s arguably the best OC outside of Lincoln Riley. There’s a reason why Saban’s first call he made was to Lebby. You referenced the FSU game. That was 4 OL in their first start and true freshman RB’s in their first start. Lebby is bigtime. Roof, who is the DC…….is another story.

Players that left: Go look at where those guys signed. Don’t take my word for it. Go look at where they ended up. All those highly ranked HS guys……the flashiest school that got one of those guys was Mizzou.

DL recruiting: OU isn’t catching Bama or UGA (or Ohio St) any time soon. I will say that OU just went 6-7, had a short recruiting window & still signed a great DL class. Todd Bates & BV were the main cogs that signed those DL recruits in Clemson. So while OU won’t be in that elite class……they’ll get very good DL/OL classes. And this year, with the in-state guys being really solid……it’ll be a bigtime DL class.

Then ou has serious issues rating those kids. Or developing them.

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@michael13 Ill entertain the discussion with you as long ads it doesn’t break bad. Completely fine to disagree. Just do it like a decent human. Your buddy has been & will stay muted cause he’s a clown. Let’s keep this between the lines.

Tomato is getting testy. Uo lost 3 5 stars and 7 4. None of the kids that left raised there worth. He said to look it up even the kid that went to missouri almost drop 2 stars they did have a guy drop 2 stars.

All teams have a bust player. But, omg.he makes it out like its nothing. Its just the guys who is your depth next year and hero after.

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@michael13 Just to expound on the transfers. OU lost 21 guys to the portal. Of those, 9 have yet to find a home. 1 is going to school at Arkansas, but has given up football. 11 have transferred. Among those 11, only 3 are at programs that are what I would call “players” (Wisconsin/Mizzou/Ariz St). The other 8 landed at Memphis, New Mexico, Texas St, Abilene Christian & so on. Some were highly rated out of HS & never panned out. I guess you could argue that it hurts depth, but those scholarships/vacancies have been filled. I’ve said from the beginning that I don’t care what star rating from HS that OU or any school is losing. I care about production being lost. OU lost 10 TD’s (All by Wease who went to Mizzou) & 17 TFL ( 16 by Ugwoeba who went to Houston). Wease would’ve played a bunch. Wish he had stayed. Ugwoeba was going to be a backup, but him leaving does hurt depth.

Here’s an oddity for you , I agree with all you said about this post on Georgia game. Georgia got the running game going, tiring the defense which in your words wasn’t good. Still think they could have pulled Bakerout of the pocket more to find Lamb, Brown with their speed… enough to win the game. Poor coaching on Riley… Riley was a poor evaluator on D guys
The portal is what it is, kids thinking they are better than what they are and deserve more playing time. I hate it !! I also don’t care for the recruiting stars . Some are worthless. The reason why more than 60% never find. a home after going portal
Say what you want @robert28 is usually spot on , on his evaluations of kids. You let him get under your skin

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Riley had/has areas in which he’s great. He’s also got some things that make him get in trouble when he’s the HC. He’s the greatest OC in the world when he’s down 4 with 2min to go. He’s clueless up 7 with 5 min to go. He’s brilliant in the ways of social media & its impact in recruiting. He’s brilliant in understanding how vital the portal is. He’s clueless in building relationships with anyone outside of his QB. He’s put zero emphasis on scholarship dispersal amongst defenders.

Stars are more accurate now than they’ve ever been. But……you have to develop guys. Gundy does it. Grinch hasn’t. We’ll see if BV has hired coaches than can do it. I agree 100% on what the portal has done to the mindset of players. It’s killer culture at a program. It’s killed quality depth. It’s killed being patient and developing a work ethic.

No sir, your buddy doesn’t get under my skin. I don’t even see his posts anymore. He was never willing to discuss. Never willing to admit when he was wrong. I have no time for those type of women on sites. If I’m wrong, I come on here and admit it. Bedlam. OU’s record. Too easy. Him……nope. I can’t deal with people like that. He was saying how much of a dumpster fire USC is/would be & Riley wouldn’t turn it around. I said within a week of Riley leaving OU how he’d have USC in the playoff hunt. Those type of people are what’s wrong with social media. This site is much cleaner without seeing his junk

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Ask again about me lol. Yes rent free and he cant see my post. Lol. The guy doesnt know what sarcasm is. He does love him some riley

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For you people who cried about the question to Gundy about jobs being inappropriate, bad timing and simply something that doesn’t get asked……

John Smith was asked the same question. At the same time of the season. He answered it respectfully. Didn’t threaten to take any credentials.

The question gets asked. All the time.


Agree with you 100 percent. Gundy was the real ass. John handled it right. I want both gone.