Grading OSU Football's Showing vs. Texas in Week 7

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Some good, some bad, but another W has OSU with another respectable report card.

Defense: A
Special Teams: A
Offense: C


I was saying it’s his best coaching before the article.
U give the the defense an a+ for their 1 yard forth but the running game a b for their 138 yard 4th. Also we had a back almost go for 200.
No mention of drops. Sanders had a couple of bad of bad throws. The recievers had more issues, even when Sanders was a reciever.

Defense- A-
Special Teams- A
Offense- C


As always and what we’ve been accustomed to is the defense making things happen for the win. Two forced turnovers (one for a pick 6 and the other to seal the game). Only a yard allowed in the 4th quarter. Playing great as always. My only knock with them is they looked a little rusty in the first half.

Special Teams-

No turnovers, all kicks made, no fumbles, and no returns given up for a touchdown. Thanks Tanner Brown!!!


Looked pretty much god awful through three quarters. 0 points through three quarters. About the only positive thing they did was limit turnovers and get Tanner Brown to field goal range. Then once the Texas D decided to stop playing they took advantage of it in the 4th quarter.

Oh yeah!!! Coaching!!! If we are going to combine coaching all together I give it no higher than a B. Simply because the defense and special teams seemed to be the only ones that tried to play all four quarters yesterday.

Two weeks to prepare for Texas, and then you admit you didn’t make adjustments until the 4th quarter? Two weeks to prepare for a team you know is going to force Spencer Sanders to beat you and you do the same chit you’ve always done since the beginning of the season? No Sir!!! Can’t give Dunn much credit for this one.

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Why did we wait until the 4th quarter to play offense Robert? Like Gundy admitted yesterday. 0 points by the offense through three quarters.

Why did we run the same chit over and over again when any average person knew for the last two weeks what Texas would force the OSU offense to do?

The offensive coaching staff was totally unprepared for this one. Luckily for us the Special Teams and Defense was just good enough to help us get bye.

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Ur such an idiot. When we got tanner u were talking chit. They dnt even rate walkon kickers. That’s 2 things u hate walkon and no stars. He wasn’t even the main kicker at unlv

We like spotting Texas. We wanted them to remember us in the sec.

If u really want to thank some one about are defense.
Thank spencer. We only have one go starting with less then 4 years experience.
We got Martin coming back. We need more super seniors. What will Knowles have if we dnt keep alot of super seniors. Not alot of depth

I’ve never admitted to hating walk-ons or low star players. If they are good enough to play then so be it.

All I’ve ever stated is that statistically speaking 4 stars or high are drafted at a higher rate than lower recruited players (that’s not an opinion, it’s just a statistical fact).

That means the more NFL caliber players you have with the right coaching and development the better the team college team can be. That’s why I think it’s ridiculous we don’t have any top 25 recruiting classes in the last 10 years with all the “success” we’ve claimed to have.

So now….what does that have to do with the lack of preparedness on offense in yesterday’s game?

We have depth on defense in case you haven’t been watching any of the games this season (Sterling and Ford out for the season) and the defense still looks solid.

It’s better than watching a couple of receivers not playing for the offense and watching us struggle to score a single point through 2-3 quarters.

All u said I that post was I hate walkons and low stars

Let me ask you this? Jason Taylor is our 2nd string safety. He scored more points against Texas through three quarters than the entire OSU offense combined. Now….which side of the ball needs more depth?

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I don’t hate them. I just think as a program we could recruit better players. Who wouldn’t want to play for a program ranked 10th in wins over the last 10 years?

The offense is help the d by having the for 8 plus minutes next how is are depth idiot I know we have depth. All the super seniors r gone. How many of the seniors are staying to become super. We going to be short in the lb and cb

If Knowles sticks around we’ll be fine. If I were you I would be more worried about an offense that’s had it’s points total per game go down every season rather than a defense that improved every season.

We have recent history telling us the defense hasn’t been the reoccurring problem over the last 3.5 seasons. Just follow the data Robert.

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Are u ignoring the 2018 season. They only defend have the field.
He has 5 recruits that is a sign the guy is leaving.
Gundy said they gave the d 5 more scholarships I guess spencer had no scholarships.
They ignorance is bliss I see u take that seriously.

I refuse to drink the kool-aid until after next week. If we beat Iowa State then I’m all in but until then I’m very skeptical. Huge game for us, can’t have a let down after the big win this week.


Here is another stupid thing u talk about. U talk about gundy losses so many to the portal. We are short scholarship players because we haven’t lost enough players.

Some real head-scratching offensive plays called. Too many dumb bubble screens and not enough over the middle but we finally threw more than one pass there in a game, and every one was successful!!!


Too early even if we win that game. Let’s see us beat zerOU for the first time in a decade!

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