Grading OSU Football's Week 4 Outing vs. Kansas State on Saturday

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OSU gets high marks all the way around.

I didn’t get to watch the game because it was on ESPN+ but from reading and seeing the stats seems like a good team win except special teams played poorly and too many penalties in the second half. I’ve been dogging Sanders and I still have my doubts but credit where credit is due and I sure hope this is real progress and he’s building on something. If that’s the case if we ever get healthy and get Bray back with the other Green twin to go with Presley and Martin this passing game could explode with Sanders threat to run. Also was without Brown and Jackson in the backfield so getting them back would have to help as well.

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Coaching- B+ (sorry but it’s gotta be better in the second half.)

Passing- B+ (no turnovers, 344 passing, passing percentage wasn’t bad.)

Running- B+ ( started to slow the run game down some when Warren went out. 4.2 yards per carry. Not too bad but not awesome either.)

Defense- A- (pretty solid all around. Shut down Deuce Vaughn and never really allowed the K State offense to gain any momentum.)

Special Teams- C ( no turnovers, two fumbles, two missed field goals, and a kickoff returned for a touchdown.)

I’d say everything here is pretty good accept the special teams. It’s a D. Martin never should’ve touched that ball. He’s lucky it bounced out.

This game is over. Got Baylor coming in next week.
Another dual qb. They were really economical with there scoring. Got a td on kick off.
I thought we were getting the penalties fix.

The C is because they didn’t turn it over. Other than that it looked poor.

Martin was out there because presley was getting his ankle taped.

Yeah…but he’s a seasoned WR. He’s been around and probably knows better.

I was not making excuses for him. I know u have made so many excuses in ur life, u thought it was. I was just telling logan why he was out there.

I might make excuses sometimes, but I don’t contradict myself. Wouldn’t you know something about that Roberto?

It’s odd seeing a cowboy back making catches. And blocks.

I pretty sure u dnt know what contradiction means.

Apparently you don’t cause I’ve proven it twice.

One thing I can agree with you on.

That was a remark about woods.

Well he’s not a cowboy back any longer. He’s a cavalier TE and doing well.

I have to disagree with the statement in the article, “K State is a very, very good football team.” To me they looked mediocre. I realize they were hampered because of some key injuries but the team on the field did not look like a very good team at all. OSU during the first half looked like a very good team. Can’t say the same for the second half. Play calling improved but still is not good enough. Baylor will be a better team than KSU. Why we won this game tonight, Tay Martin. Losing Brock Martin is going to hurt.

That’s two games in a row where we haven’t scored a point in the second half. That’s going to have to change. I agree on the Tay Martin deal. We don’t win this game without him or Warren.

Martin mite not be so bad. Baylor will be another test. But I won’t say they are hands over fist better then ksu.
I dnt know what isu is doing, but Baylor didn’t even have 300 yards of offense.

Spencer had a great game.

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