Gundy Addresses Rumors That He Was Interested in Florida Job

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‘I never answer to Twitter.’

If this is true, Gundy is a piece of krap.

Money is a piece of crap. College football has out grown it’s pants. College football obviously has to get all this under control or it’s curtains because people will loose interest because of all the distrust and lying and cheating. But isn’t it what the rest of the world is going through? I guess I should say the whole world is in trouble.

If you really believe that children’s essay the dude wrote is true, you have far advanced problems :rofl:


I mean we all know how honest and upfront Gundy always has been.

“I am fairly certain that he’ll be coaching here next year,” Gundy said.

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That would be on Knowles not being honest to gundy.


U didn’t read the whole deal. Gundy doesn’t have an agent. So it was bs. Only people like jug would believe it.

I assumed most would be sad he didn’t leave for Florida.

Did you hear? Lincoln Riley went to USC.

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The email is fake, why would someone do that? Who knows. Perhaps to scare recruits away from early signing

Yea we really don’t know what that was all about so all we can do is speculate

I tend to agree with you Jeff, Coaches changing jobs when their team is in the running to make the CFP or in a coveted NY6 bowl is next level bad. Something has to give before this crap takes down college football as we know it

I am an OSU grad so I was quite capable of reading the whole article and did so. Who I do not believe is GUNDY! An OSU education also taught me how to think for myself.

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Gundy could be lying sure but Robert could be right as well. Who knows

U choose not to believe gundy. It’s known for a while gundy doesn’t have a agent. He has a new contract. So their is no reason to talk to Florida.
If he is lieing it’s to easy to come out.
Putting gundy in big letters means nothing. I also didn’t ask u if u were capable. If I was wondering about ur capacity, I would ask how ur dementia is doing.

"Dear Jo,

I represint Linkin Reilly. He good coach. I think he sad for leaving. He miss Normen and wants go come home.


Devin Bonik

P.S. I am not ken to OSU basket ball player Daniel Bobik"


Or how about “We’re going to score a lot of points!!!”?

Then what about any of that you read made you believe it?

We all know how honest this buffoon is “we’ll never play in a conference championship game as long as gundys here”

It’s now Tuesday and after reading today that Gundy showed interest in the Florida job in 2017 I have retracted my change of mind from yesterday’s pondering. I now believe the email is legit. Gundy in his answer did not point blank deny that he showed interest in Florida. He merely suggested he did not personally see the email that was discovered. That is probably the truth. And he might not have formally registered as a client of that agent, instead, he might have asked him to check out if there is interest in him, and if there was, maybe then he would hire the agent or just pay him a fee for getting the ball rolling and then Gundy would negotiate his own terms of hire. So I agree that Gundy diverted the truth without directly telling a lie. Snake in the grass.