Gundy Addresses Rumors That He Was Interested in Florida Job

I believe Gundy!!! Simply because we know he’s not crazy enough to go to a job where he would be fired within three years. Florida wants championships instead of meaningless bowl games. We all know that!!!

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Funny as s%^t. good one freedrop

They sure haven’t done a good job of it since the wacko urban Meyer


Yea he did make that “lot of points” promise didn’t he. Forgot about that one

If I was Gundy or for that matter any coach with a secure job I wouldn’t go to Florida either unless I had plans to retire in a couple of years anyway

Which is why I said Gundy would never be serious about taking that job. Meyer wins championships, and Gundy doesn’t.

I don’t think he has plans to retire. That’s why I couldn’t see him going anywhere else. As long as he can get away with being a payroll bandit at a school that’s just happy to be in any bowl game, then why would he?

So is a NY6 bowl just any bowl?

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It’s a good bowl game. My question is:

  1. Can he win it?

  2. Will he play not to lose?

Just another scheme to get a pay raise on an already ridiculous indefinite contract. Bunch of dufusses—AD and the board of regents.
He ain’t goin nowhere. The expectation is to high at level 1 programs.

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Yep that is always the question. It will be interesting to see how the Def will play without Knowles. Listening to the player interviews it sounds like Gundy is taking a role in coaching up the Def. Not sure if that is a good thing or not. It goes without saying that they need to show up at the bowl with a functioning offense, something way better than what was on the field in the B12 champ. Also some of Gundys reported comments on hiring the next DC are a little odd. He said the next DC needed to be “Smart, Hard working, Loyal” Also said they didn’t necessarily have to be a Defensive coach. Strange indeed. Reading between the lines it almost sounds like he is upset overall at Knowles leaving. Possibly a combination of perceived lack of character on Knowles part and a reminder that Oklahoma State will always be second fiddle to teams like Ohio State because of the insurmountable disparity in budgets. I’m probably wrong on this last part but it’s a thought just the same.


Looks like Robert wrote that.


I wondered what it would be like if they said “Well Mike……we appreciate your time here in building this program, but we need to start winning a few trophies. We’ll announce you’re leaving (or retiring) and search for the next HC.”

It’s not a good sign. If his offense looks like it did this season with him being a former OC, I can only imagine what the defense would look like.

Basically coach speak for “I’m going to the D2 level to find a DC that will be here for at least 6-7 years, and if they suck like Dunn does then oh well. All I’m obligated to do is just get to any bowl game.”

In a way you are correct. HCMG’s comment is really saying that all options are on the table and the focus for the new DC search will be broad in nature, as opposed to focusing on a handful of D1 level DC’s. This is probably the only option anyway since we refuse to steal another team’s coach during the season, which is what everyone else has been doing and needs to stop BTW because it will ruin the sport but I digress, which is the commendable/honorable thing to do but comes with a heavy price, I.E all the good D1 DC’s will be taken by the time we get around to making offers. Anyway I guess we will see sometime after the bowl.

To be fair, he has done a good job of keeping his offense from scoring a lot of points the last three years.

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Don’t most hires take place after that big coaches convention in January for most schools?

@yo1 Just curious here…so you believe Gundy (who has flirted with other jobs before, multiple times and has never come out and said it) when he says basically that he doesnt have an agent and doesnt answer to Twitter? But…I thought i was a moron becuase I “believe everything these coaches say”

The early signing period now has changed that. See what LSU, USC, OU, ND, TCU have done