Gundy Addresses Rumors That He Was Interested in Florida Job

Do any of them have completed coaching staffs? Quick check indicates LSU does not have a DC. I’m sure all of them will be filling out their staffs well into January. This is about coordinator and below hires, not head coaches.

BINGO!! Thats what coaches do. If you want to hear a denial about a job that is true, go find how Jimbo Fisher handled the LSU rumors this year. Thats a denial. Then, contrast that with how Lincoln Riley handled the similar type of questions leading up to his departure. When it comes to coaches and other jobs, where theres smoke there is always fire

My fault. I misunderstood your question. My apologies

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If Gundy wants to inquire about a job like Florida paying him 10 million/year, whatever. If he let someone this stupid do it on his behalf, that’s bad.

I don’t know why people act like Knowles betrayed OSU… Or if head coaches leave. It’s a business decision or what’s best for them. It kinda would suck if Gundy left the program right now. I don’t think there’s a high profile coach or a proven coach sitting out there waiting for a call if Gundy left. If there is I don’t think we can afford one. I’m really waiting for the day OSU is in a position to be a playoff contender but feel like we are going to have to wait for playoff expansion just given we lost a great coordinator probably a once in a life time guy. OSU athletics is really going to have to adjust their budget. I will be highly salty if a new facility is built soon that can wait. Football is king when it comes to paying the bills and consistent good Football records help bring in higher profile recruits. Sometimes the culture needs changed a little.

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You always try and hire someone else to do the negotiating and dirty work for you. Except this time I actually believe Gundy.

He’s not going to leave Oklahoma State. He’s one of a very few handful of coaches out there that can payroll bandit his way to just any ordinary bowl game, and the administration and fans will be fine with it.

Why? Because he’s the “greatest coach in school history” and “we can’t do any better”. Think about it. The dude got an extended contract after he got his sixth win this season. That should tell you everything you need to know about the expectations around Stillwater.

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I think there’s some truth. I don’t hate Gundy but sometimes he’s kind of a diva and loves attention.

You also hire someone who knows about FOIA.

According to Gundy you need a bigger football budget. That in a sense is partially true. You also don’t do yourself any favors though when every good recruit is watching you play for a championship, while coming up at the short end of the stick multiple times.

Truth to that too. Kinda wished Boone was still around to throw some extra cash out especially with the NIL rules now lol.

I don’t believe a letter that looks to be composed by my middle schooler deserves any merit. I have no idea if Gundy actually has an agent, but that letter was ridiculous.

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If Gundy ever left, does anyone here think he would be completely opposite of what he is like right now? I kinda get a feeling he would coach differently, recruit differently, and get bit more serious if he were to go to Florida. I bet Gundy has at one point had a agent when Arkansas, Florida, and Tennessee has called for him in the past. I think most coaches would have one to handle those kind of things

I really have no clue how coach hiring has gone in the past. For some reason this year things have seemed to spin out of control with all the poaching before the bowls and CFP is complete. It seems that it hadn’t happened that way in the past but I could be wrong. I do know that Gundy hired Knowles a couple of days after the bowls were over.

You are correct about the letter being stupid. In addition to that I doubt any real Agent would put anything like that in writing. The communication would be a face to face meeting or phone conversation.

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Yea I don’t see his current style working at a lot of other schools so he would have to change some for sure

I hope they can work with his estate on some NIL opportunities. Texass is stacking up highly recruited linemen with their 50k a year offers. Not that much is required obviously but a little bit would go a long way IMO.

Surely some sports reporter will ask Devin Bonik if he wrote it. Who knows? Today most reporters would rather write a "what if " story than make some phone calls and ask the question. I’m pretty sure it’s illegal if someone else wrote it and put Bonik’s name on it. One thing is for sure, if it came from Bonik’s office, Gundy is lying his a&& off.

It is said that the email came from a FOIA request. I wonder what the circumstances were around that? Who requested it what organization was served with it (Florida U?) and what prompted the FOIA in the first place?

It’s awful weird that neither the agent nor Florida have been asked about the email.

A writer for the Extra Points substack requested it, it would have been served on UF, they probably just asked for all emails to or from Scott Stricklin regarding the coaching search. Extra Points main reporting is doing FOIAs and publishing what they find.