Gundy Said Young Core of Receivers Can Be Similar to James Washington’s Group

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OSU’s young receiving corps. has been impressive through two games.

It’s a shame we don’t have any outstanding O-linemen that Gundy wants to mention.


It’s a shame we don’t have a QB to get them more yards a game and gundy still sucks


Weird…all that NFL talent in 2017 and still only finished 3rd.

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I can boil it down to one stat: that defense gave up 62 to the Goons. That was the end of any hope of a Big 12 title that year. And the beginning of my mission to bring about awareness to Gundy’s failures as head coach.


And our use to be giant of a tight end is killing it in Virginia like we all knew he would. Listen, gundy sucks at a lot of stuff and gets over paid for it. Sight me up please!

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Yeah, and we were down 42-14 against K State on our own home field too.

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A good martyr. U will become a Saint after ur pope. Bring gundy down

Yea those 5 yards against William and Mary was amazing.

It still doesn’t change the fact that he’s being used like he should.

I’m with u joey

Guess again. I’m not Catholic. Add it to the list @KetchupSicle

Just kidding, @robert28! I knew you were teasing.


Yes the infamous tomato slice list.
He is either Santa ur a crazy guy. I think u know which.

His list is too long. He argues with everybody on here. At some point…….you’d figure out that either everyone else is a fool……or……you are.

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I see ur out of ur hole. Did u see how a lower leave sec team welcomed Texas.

Yes. Texas got manhandled. They got outclassed. This 2021 team is not ready for the SEC. I also saw a team from the dumpy PAC 12 dominate Ohio St. Colorado outplayed A&M. Those happen. They are not indicative in any way of how a team will fare years down the road.

I’m sure there are some(alot) texas and ou fans getting nervous.
U didn’t mention how a poor Stanford team who scored a late td against ksu, steamrolled usc.
tosu mite not be as good as usual, heard things before that game.
That Colorado game haven’t heard the reason for that.
But, still there are only 3 pac 12 teams undefeated.

The only fans that arent nervous about something right now are Bama fans. Ive not heard much about OU or Texas being nervous about the SEC. Ive heard some opposing idiots say theyll lose a bunch and wont compete. Which is ignorant. Ive heard some OU fans say theyll go in and win just like they do in the Big 12. Thats also ignorant.

On USC…theyre a national draw. A national brand. They will have eyeballs and networks wanting them. Thats all ive said. They arent going undefeated. They arent winning a Nat title in the near future. But theyve won really big before and will again. Theyve won a bunch of Heismans and will again. That programs visibility isnt going away. Losing to Stanford doesnt change that.

I dont care about the W-L record or head-to-head stuff. Neither do the networks or Conf’s doing the realignment. So UCLA beating LSU and Oregon beating Ohio St doesnt matter longterm to me, nor does USC losing.

U really are just a blue blood believer.
I didn’t go look but longhorn nation was going crazy.
Usc just like Nebraska are becoming less and less a “draw”. The only thing that helps Nebraska is who they play.
That so called win lose recorded does effect recruits

The fact that you put USC and Nebraska in the same category shows how off you are.

                                     Since 2004

10 W Seasons Losing Seasons
Neb-4 Neb-6

“the only thing that helps Nebraska IS WHO THEY PLAY” AGREE 100% . Thats why ive posted your schedule. If you think that OSU and the remaining members are gong anywhere but in the wrong direction after losing OU/TX on the schedule…then youre wrong. Again One of your famous points of dumbassery were “TV RIGHTS WONT BE EFFECTED BY NOT HAVING OU/TX ON THE SCHEDULE”.

How much you win does absolutely effect recruiting. Its part of the recruiting puzzle. Another part is WHO you play and where you play them. I hate to break it to you, but recruits care about who you play , They arent jumping on official visits to come watch the BYU or UCF game. It aint happening