Gundy Tells ESPN, 'I Was a Dumbass' Regarding OAN T-Shirt

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Gundy and Hubbard open up about the wild past few days.

After watching that clip from ESPN this whole incident was over the freaking shirt. It’s not about rules or what might have been said to certain players. I can’t believe Gundy played the I’m the dumb a** card. Moving forward it’s obvious that Chuba Hubbard is the head coach and Gundy is just a puppet. Gundy ability to lead this team is over.

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Chuba, I am so proud of you. You have been the adult and the man of character through this whole thing. I hope you have a great year. I do think recruiting is destroyed at OSU over this.

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Glad to see it! I hope Gundy is truly sincere and not putting on a face.


No, he would’ve lost the team without the apology. A leader has to be willing to admit when he’s wrong.


What a great day for the Gundy haters. Now they can quote Gundy agreeing with them!!! Good job coach. Face up to the problem head on and get to the resolution.

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I think you miss the point. It’s not about a shirt but what that shirt represents to a lot of people. It was really bad form on Gundy’s part to wear that shirt without knowing the stances the OAN network and their commentators have taken. Especially with regards to Black Lives Matter. He leads a lot of young men that were rightfully upset about their coach wearing that shirt. I’m sure the comments Gundy made about OAN recently played into things. I do believe that Gundy did not know and was indeed a dumbass for not knowing what OAN is about. But much respect for him owning it and apologizing. Regardless of your political leanings and personal thoughts about OAN you should see why promoting a far right network, that has dismissed the BLM movement, when you coach so many young black men would be an issue.


Hear me now, believe me later: IF there is collegiate football played this fall, Gundy will not be the HC at Oklahoma State.

Hargis and Holder won’t suffer this.

This is disappointing all the way around. Players are in charge, Gundy forced to grovel. This isn’t going to end well.

Yeah, throwing a fit on social media, and throwing the program into turmoil because your coach wears a t-shirt you find offensive, shows a lot of maturity and character. Way to go, Chuba.

You have two possibilities here. Both come to the same conclusion. The first is that he really feels dumb about doing what he did, and he is making an honest effort to right the ship. The second is that he is approaching it like alot of men approach a marital disagreement. Announcing he was wrong for what he did, even if he doesn’t feel personally that he was, in order to end the conflict and right the ship. Both take a great deal of humility, both take the team the same direction if he holds to it. Believe he did it for whatever reason you believe, but don’t assume either choice makes him any less of a leader conscious of his players, and likely largely his job.

Well? ‘As the world Turns’ … 2 possible outcomes: 1. The event will work to OSU, Individuals and nation’s advantage OR 2. The event will work to the disadvantage of the 3 parties …
I pray that ‘goodness’ comes to all … :pray:

Glad gundy came around…

“ I realized some people may be ignorant in a fact and some people may just not understand what’s going on or the seriousness of what’s going on. Some people need to be educated.”

That’s cool. Chuba can start by asking questions and educating himself on why people don’t think the exact same way he does and be provided factual information from the disagreeing party, and he can compare and contrast this information to his beliefs or his own research he supports.

He needs to realize not every single person is a mind reader. He does realize that he has to be educated on the factual information first before he can educate anyone else, correct?

“Obviously we’re in two different positions, but right now it’s really up to him if he wants to make things right or not.”

Translation- I’m not going to take any blame, responsibility, or accountability for going after my HC. I don’t need to change anything about myself or understand anyone else. I just need to better educate them on something I may not completely understand myself.

Listen folks. I don’t wish any harm on Chuba and I hope he becomes totally successful. What he needs to realize is he isn’t right every time, and sometimes people in the opposition of his views are actually correct and not always wrong or bigots.

Holder- “Gundy I’m sorry, but your fired.”

Gundy- “Fired??? Oh well, you guys can all go pound sand and I’ll head to Rocky Top to get paid more.”

Humility and admitting you could have shown a better sense self awareness of the landscape is one thing, but calling yourself a dumbass in public is another. Chuba put him on warning stating the ball is in Gundy’s court. The point is Gundy had nothing to apologize for wearing a Damm shirt. OAN or CNN, CNBC, FOX they all have their own stinking agenda, we don’t have to agree that agenda but that doesn’t make any of them hate filled. This event has hurt and embarrassed OSU.

“ Especially with regards to Black Lives Matter.”

When BLM is shoving their hypocrisy and propaganda down my throat on PS4 and Amazon Prime TV a person wearing an OAN shirt becomes the last of my concerns.

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“Yeah, throwing a fit on social media, and throwing the program into turmoil because your coach wears a t-shirt you find offensive, shows a lot of maturity and character. Way to go, Chuba.”

Exactly the same thing I was thinking as well. If you don’t get your way just throw a temper tantrum. That is truly the responsible adult thing to do. I went to war with men younger than Chuba that had more character and maturity than what he displayed.

How do you fire a coach for an alleged incident that happened and you were aware of before you hired him? I’m sure Mike Gundy has done things in his life that he regrets, who hasn’t? The latest mistake he has admitted, apologized for, and yet to be seen learned from and implemented changes. If it is true, I feel sorry for a person who has harbored such hate in his heart for over thirty years. Forgiveness has to be part of the solution. Hating someone for something hateful said to them is the definition of hypocrisy, both individuals are wrong for hating.

Don’t get the wrong impression, I think Mike Gundy was wrong for not being aware af the network’s positions. Even though many people were unawareof the positions they do not wear OAN tee shirts either. Stupid mistake, learn from it and do better. Still no where near the magnitude of a firable offense. IMO it is not the the best choice to write an article about accusations(2) piling up either but from past history you are not going to admit that are you Kyle?