Half Baked Ideas

What would you like to see OSU athletics do? This is not a time to consider things like “feasibility” just what would be fun?

I would like to see us pick a rivalry with a random team. I don’t really care who, someone where games would be easy to get to and games would be toss ups as often as not. Someone like Utah for instance.


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I do like the idea of making a current one sport rivalry into an all sports rivalry too.

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Have Garth play at BPS.


Unbelievable it isn’t on this tour.


-Move homecoming to November, schedule a wrestling dual with OU before the football game in BPS to try and beat Iowa’s attendance record.

-Get a new SID in almost every sport


-Get away from all of the Pac12 home and homes. Just since 2008 we’ve had Wazzu, Arizona and Oregon State. We also have ASU and Oregon upcoming.


Memphis. High-octane offense battle.

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Yeah Gundy likes to schedule easy teams. Could probably get a 3-1 with them.

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Agree on all but the PAC games. Trip out to Corvallis was awesome this year.

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Easy…? Memphis would easily beat us this season. Their offense is very similar to what the Monken/Holgy ones were.


Lee, two words:

Cotton Bowl

Two more:

Texas Bowl

Which one would you rather be in?

That’s not the right question. The question is would OSU go undefeated in the AAC… And the answer to that is more than likely yes.

Common opponents, Memphis beat Tulsa by one. OSU-Tulsa wasn’t competitive.

If OSU was in the ACC this season, we would be in the Orange Bowl.

Not all things are exactly equal as you seem to assume them to be.

Memphis lost their coach. Future Memphis isn’t guranteed to be good. OSU gains nothing from playing Memphis except for making you happy.


In his defense Memphis turned around their program before Norvell. But I’d rather keep playing PAC teams personally.

He’s on record that Fuente wasn’t that great.

I would love to see us schedule home and home basketball and football games with Wisconsin. Total curveball, could bolster us in a national perception should we come out with wins (they are more highly regarded than us, but not really better)


Especially as our recruiting efforts have seemingly picked up in Utah and California, I like keeping those Pac 12 teams on the schedule. I feel like OSU is going to have an easier time expanding their footprint west where there are fewer teams than going east and running into the ACC, SEC, and B1G. Plus, we already have a few bowl game opportunities east of the Mississippi and trips to Eugene and Tempe >>> trips to most places east. Just my opinion.


I don’t mind the PAC games now that we’ve got ASU and Oregon instead of Oregon state and Arizona.

Also everyone just forgetting we play arky?


It’ll be good to kick Arkansas while they’re down. Can’t let them creep back into Tulsa for recruiting and if we could start winning kids in Arkansas that would be awesome.


@leecothran who is on record as saying Fuente wasn’t that great?