Harvell-Peel Reconsiders Draft Decision, Announces Return

Texas is losing half their team. Unless u think the new coach is going to whip them in shape

Ur rite jeff were never going to do anything. Let’s just drop football now that were 500 in bb we don’t need Gundy :upside_down_face::innocent::crazy_face::exploding_head::cowboy_hat_face:

He’s probably staying to improve his draft stock or draft grade. That’s a personal decision of his. I doubt it has anything to do with him wanting to help Gundy aspire for that 4th place prize Gundy has his eyes on.

Meaning the defense will probably be the best offense AGAIN.

I don’t think Sarkisian is content with 4th place.

Joe I know u think ur funny with 1 or 2 pins, but need to get some new stuff.
Why can u be like the rest of us and just talk. Oh I know ur just an obsessed Gundy hater who knows nothing about or cares about osu football or sports

He could’ve transferred.

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Why transfer? The defense is likely to be the star of the show again if the putrid offense from last season continues.

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Well, if Gundy’s culture and team is such trash, and the point is made that nobody wants to play here, why not transfer? You have to think it’s because he likes OSU and Gundy and feels good about coming back to build his draft status.

The offensive woes you guys drone on about are a little tedious. There are mitigating factors here:
1.) The offensive line was decimated. Very little of that is Gundy’s fault. Other than poor QB play, there’s nothing that will sink an offense faster than that.
2.) It was a first time OC in his first year running a new offense in a year where practice was shortened by a pandemic. Yes, Gundy chose him, but Dunn is a great recruiter and since he was being offered an OC position elsewhere, it was the only way to keep him. No one had a bad thing to say about Dunn before this year, so I don’t think that was the worst decision. The only way to have more continuity would’ve been to retain Gleason or for Gundy to call the plays.

A more conservative offense is not always a bad thing. If your defense is strong, you can rely on them if the offense stutters, and if you are at least getting a few first downs, you’re giving the defense time to rest. I think our quick scoring offense of the past has made it harder for our defense to be effective because they get gassed.

With the offensive line being depleted, you don’t always have time to throw deeper routes. Sanders has been a poor decision maker and seemingly unwilling to go through his progressions. Some of that is on Sanders, some on Rattay, some on Dunn, some on Gundy, but being under pressure constantly due to a patchwork O-line exacerbates that problem. Since you can only do so much about that midseason, being more conservative with more runs and shorter passing routes is one way to address it, especially if it’s your best defense probably ever. Save your judgment for next season. I don’t think the offense was poorly conceived due to the strengths, weaknesses, and limitations of the team.

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Evidently you can’t rely on them with that TCU loss. 5 turnovers 1 defensive touchdown and still couldn’t muster up a win. And Gundy is calling the shots on the offense. 3 difference OCs same predictable garbage. 1 common denominator? Gundy.

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Who said I was being funny? I was being serious. Not all coaches are like Gundy. Some aspire to greater achievements than 4th place in their conference. I doubt Sarkisian feels the same way Gundy does.

If you have the best chance of shining on the OSU defense and making sure NFL scouts watch you then it’s better than transferring to a Clemson or Ohio State and competing with a guy that might be as good as you or even better. All that will do is ensure his draft stock goes down if he were to transfer. The defense might be pretty stout next season. No reason for him to transfer to a team with a crappy defense or a blue blood where someone might be better than him and he doesn’t get as much playing time.

100 percent agree with you Sir!!!

You think Yurcich’s offense was the same as this last season’s?

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Other than the more mobile QB we have now it’s pretty similar. Has Gundy written all over it.

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It’s funny no good players leave us Rambo left ou. Dnt say woods we have plenty to replace him.

I thought guys with mullets cant write so ur saying he can .

What are you even saying? I’ve never said that. You can’t write for sh1t though.

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I don’t know what to tell you except that you’re just wrong. I don’t even know where you’re getting that.

You are delusional if you don’t think the offensive play calling has Mike Gundy written all over it. Every series same few plays usually in the same order. You get your 2 runs up the middle, pass to the sideline, and punt almost every time. The defense knows exactly what this offense is going to do. Everyone in the stands knows exactly what it’s gonna do. Keep riding Gundy’s nuts because we go to the whogivesashit bowl every year now. You may be fine with mediocrity but those with a fully functioning brain aren’t.

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