Here is Why OSU Lost to Texas

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All the reasons, ranked!

Yep. Pretty much sums it up. What is Gundy’s record when he wins the turnover battle? If memory serves me correctly it is incredibly good. Oklahoma State needs someone to run the offense who doesn’t turn the ball over. Oklahoma State needs a qb who has pocket awareness. He doesn’t necessarily need to be a threat running the ball. We have 2 good running backs already.

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You don’t need to explain it Boone. I’m pretty sure everyone that watched or listened to this game knew how OSU lost. One of the most ultimate poke chokes of all time.

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Your right. We need to get Ethan Bullock in the game next week. He may not be able to complete a pass, but at least he will be able to take care of the football.

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The Stoner catch reversal was probably? a bad call, but it wasn’t the reason we lost.

The turnovers, the running into the punter bonehead play, and the kickoff return for a TD are the main reasons. That, and even though Herman had publicly stated all week they weren’t going to let Chuba beat them, our offensive game plan was determined to run the ball up the middle.

OSU’s OLine isn’t good enough to pound the rock against a defense intent on stopping the run. Sometimes you need to use the passing game to soften up the defense and take some of the defensive focus off of stopping the run.

All teams have break downs penalties bad calls st miscues defense miscues and turnovers. There were like 7 for the team, not enough to make us lose. I said it was up to sanders, 3 turnovers. Only one was forced. Well u guys want to open up the playbook, didn’t real help us win. He has 3 fumbles and 3 interceptions I don’t see where he has improved from last yr.

4 turnovers that resulted in 20 points. Giving up a KO return for a TD, Tackling the punter when the other team is punting the ball to you with 5 minutes left in the game (why in the world would we even send a single guy at the punt in that situation??? There was absolutely no reason whatsoever to try to block that. Might be the dumbest decision of all time), and a lineman cluelessly wondering 10 yards downfield for no reason on an easy OT touchdown which called it back.

That’s a FOURTY ONE point swing due directly to osu having nothing going on between their ears. It was evident that OSU was far and away more talented in this game, and it wasn’t even close. They dominated the game in every single aspect but one- brains. They played like idiots. And I know they do this once a year, but this game might have been the worst of all time. Just making dumb meaningless mistake after dumb meaningless mistake. It almost looked like they were purposely trying to lose at some points, that’s how incompetent they were.

OSU threw the ball 40 times for 400 yards… it wasn’t play choice that beat them, I actually thought that was the most aggressive and creative playcalling we’ve seen out of osu in the last two years. It was the boneheaded mistakes that cost us.


Or you could put in Shane Illingworth who can complete a pass.

I was hopeful that we might be 3rd in the conference, now starting to look like 4th or maybe 5th.

Turnover machine’s fault. Enough said.

Pretty simple really. We were out coached by the worst coach in the Big 12.

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I believe OSU attempted to soften the D of Texas but as we have seen, Sanders is not a deep threat passer. Tylan or one of the others might bail him out but Sanders does not have the accuracy for the deep ball.

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Sanders can’t read a D, and he had 3 TOs. He should have had 4: don’t forget the idiotic pass to the end zone that went off 2 Texas DBs. He laos tried to scramble for a 1st down rather than throwing the ball away to give us an extra play or two. Now that we are out of the National Championship picture, I would be fine with grooming Illingworth.

The dumbest play I’ve seen in a very long time is the roughing the punter penalty. Who the hell tries to block a punt straight on, from 8 yards away with your team up 2 scores and 8 minutes to go.

I don’t put any blame on Grundy yesterday. Sometimes these players have to stop trying to be heroes, and do what’s smart.

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The only thing I’m putting on Gundy was the fact the he didn’t have the balls to pull Sanders. After fumbling on his own 15 yard line and giving Texas the ball back, and then throwing an interception where it’s returned to the OSU 9 yard line Gundy should’ve yanked him and gave Illingworth a shot.

Texas literally had 13 of their 20 halftime points given to them in the red zone because of stupid turnovers on the offensive side of the ball.

I think at that point I was convinced OSU should just line up in a diamond formation the rest of the game and play a short passing and run game with some occasional bombs against Texas.

You can look at it this way though. When OSU does lose we won’t be sitting here talking about what the defense could’ve done better like the last several years in a row.


completely agree. I was finally impressed with the pace of our offense. We need to get back to fast pace, and try to tire out the opposition.

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The loss falls squarely on Gundy. You’re the head coach, everything that happens is on you. It’s simple, really.

One of my biggest frustrations is Gundy’s complete refusal to switch QB’s. You don’t motivate a young talented player by saying (gross exaggeration) “don’t worry about it, we’re sticking with you even if you turn around and throw it to their team in our own endzone”. I was hoping to see Illingsworth after the second turnover…I thought for sure we’d see him to start the second half. But no, Gundy’s killer instinct just isn’t there. He worries about the kids egos.

I agree It’s Sanders fault. It’s been Sanders fault since 2011 or maybe it’s always the quarterbacks fault. No wait, it use to be the defense fault. Gundy recruits with the bottom half of the conference and won’t play most of the 4☆ recruits that he does get. Gundy averages 5th in the conference in recruiting and 4th in the conference in results. Should we be surprised if he finishes 4th this year?

What?! How did Herman cause our fumbles and mistakes? That’s a bad comment…

If you thought we were out coached you didn’t watch the game. I’m usually hard on Gundy but offense put up great numbers and defense played good. Fumbles aren’t the coaches fault and we lost 3 of them