Hot Take of the Day: Chick-fil-A is Vastly Overrated

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It’s just chicken and tubes.

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@KyleCox I agree with much of your takes on here and the Twitter-verse but I CANNOT stand for this heresy! Politics of an organization aside, Chick-fil-a has perfected the art of poultry immersion into stifling oils which turn said poultry nectar into a crisp fillet of heavenly bliss…

While I do enjoy most chicken establishments (partly because I have not found a place that can give me a drive-thru steak) Chick-fil-a will stand the test of time on top of the fried poultry hierarchy reining supreme.

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What I took out of this is you eat a ton of fast food chicken.

Is it a Hot Take if it’s had its own Chamber thread since Aug 2019?

No, it’s no longer hot. It’s cold, just like it was on that December day when last that thread received traffic. I’m a fan of the HTotD idea but I see no need to re-hash your contrarian views on the Lord’s chicken.

Hot Take of the Day: I worry that Thunder fans, who justifiably are excited at this team’s playoff prospects, have created a culture where simply making the playoffs each year is acceptable.

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Actual Hot take: Chicken is vastly overrated as a meat. It can’t be eaten without being cooked well done, and only really has one cut: chicken breast. It is also usually overpriced relative to its actual cost. Give me beef or pork any day

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There are entire restaurants dedicated to the wing?


Spot on. Their politics certainly place me against them to start, but even before that it was hyped to be amazing and it was an okay chicken sandwich. It’s mediocre at best and anyone trying to fool themselves to think otherwise should reflect on why they’re fighting so hard over meh chicken.

Where can I submit my PFB+ refund form?

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@KyleCox Your take isn’t bad. I love chick fil a. The sandwich meal is a good deal. But you lose me at Zaxbys. Once upon a time I would’ve agreed with you that it was good but they’ve changed and it no longer tastes good at all. Golden Chick is fantastic and would probably be my number 1.


Going to take this post as an opportunity of clap back at the dissing of In N Out fries. If you don’t like these fries, I will admit they are an acquired taste, it isn’t about the potato. It is about the grease and a process called blanching. McD’s drips their fries in grease (blanch) then freezes them making a coating of grease that penetrates the potato. The frozen fries are shipped and cooked frozen at the store. In the good old days they were cooked in animal fat and were always delicious. However, when the vegetarians got tricked into eating animal fat they complained and McD switched to vegtable oil and they fries are only good when hot. FYI they do other “secret” flavorings to offset the bland potato. If you have been in the drive through at In N Out you have probably seen them cutting fresh potatoes. This doesn’t allow the grease to penetrate the fry so they don’t taste like the fast food fries customers are used to eating. Not liking the fries is fine, but I just wanted to point out that not all fries are created equal.

My recommendation if health considerations are ignored it using peanut oil like Five Guys. I do this at home and the fries are so much better than with vegetable oil.

  1. Golden Chick
  2. Chick Fil A
  3. Chicken Express
  4. Slims
  5. Popeyes
    Didn’t feel the need to add the wing places but Wing Stop is always a great option.
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Chick Fil A$$ sucks. I didn’t like it very much before OSU and I definitely hate it now after eating that garbage in the union frequently. Their waffle fries are buns compared to backyard burgers too. Overall 4/10 at best. Give me canes or zaxbys any day of the week easy.

I totally agree that Chick Filet is over rated. I like it and the workers are well trained and very nice. The chicken itself is good not great. When I brought this up to my wife and three kids, they all thought that I was crazy and that C.F. is great. First of all when they they take the skin off, the taste goes way down. Fried chicken is much better with the skin on it. That is just basic cooking in my mind. My wife says its not worth a heart attack to eat the skin…“so there’s that”.

Look, I’m not going to argue with you against Raising Cane’s. I can’t. It’s just better. But seriously, if the lines are your biggest complaint, may I suggest you use the app?
Chick-Fil-A is across the street from my work. We go there at least twice a week. I too hated waiting in line, then having to deal with actually placing an order with a human. One in particular, I won’t go into details, but they have a nickname, and that isn’t good. Then I started using the app. I place my order while walking there, go inside, find a table, enter my number, and my food just arrives. Vastly superior experience to being a drone standing in line waiting just to place my order.
Bonus, all this month has been a free sandwich every week waiting for me in the app.
In summary, is it the best? Absolutely not, however, the app makes it a better experience all around.

If we have to consider french fries an acquired taste, it probably just means they suck.

I liked CFA better when they had Cole slaw. I think their sandwich with pepper jack cheese is awesome. I would say the sandwich is slightly overrated. Their chicken biscuit for breakfast is vastly underrated.

We just don’t do the “dirty bird” at our house.

Have your takes about Chick-fil-A, but I flat don’t get the Cane’s love. No one I know goes to Cane’s for their chicken, they go there for their sauce (which is mediocre in and of itself). Therefore, Cane’s is not a chicken establishment as much as it is a sauce establishment.

Judging by the responses, it’s still a hot take. Let’s revive that old thread. Lol