Hot Take of the Day: Why LeBron > MJ

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LeBron is the GOAT.

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Some initial takes:
Jordan Brand: An apparel line that no other sports star has come close to matching. If we are talking cultural impact this kicked off all the shoe deals that NBA stars chase after. Also, Lebron is following Jordan in going after Space Jam 2, such a trend setter.

I’ll give LeBron a change in teams, because you don’t get to pick which team you are drafted by. He is playing for franchise #3 now after moving teams 3 times and still only managed 3 rings compared to Jordan’s 6, while chasing it much harder than Jordan did.

Say it louder @kyleboone the people need to know the truth. Lebron is the GOAT basketball player and I would say… it’s not a close debate :wink:

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This is a bad take about lebron being a follower. Lebron is the ultimate trendsetter and quite frankly is the most powerful athlete in the world right now. And he uses his platform for more than shoe deals, which by the way he has the biggest shoe deal of all time So he’s got that too :man_shrugging:t2:.

Alrighty in what way is he the “ultimate trendsetter”?

Well he is following Jordan by doing a sequel of his movie instead of just creating new movies of his own. He had to join Dwyane Wade’s team instead of getting other people to come to his team or going to a neutral team.

What’s that about biggest shoe deal of all time?

Also, Boone’s takes about LeBron having worse teammates, but wielding influence over coaches and player decisions contradict themselves. If you are going to give someone bonus points for the influence they don’t get a pass when that influence doesn’t yield good results on the roster.


Lol Lebron isn’t even close to as good as Michael Jordan. Everyone can thank Michael for the explosion of salaries and he was the first athlete to be a global icon. Dumb take.


Even LeBron says Jordan is better. He wears his shoes and his number.

Those who say ‘it’s not close’ are channeling their hyperbolic nonsense for the sake of being heard. Of course it’s close.

But…The article saying that LBJ wins the cultural impact battle? “That aint true!”
Dude…C’mon. what logo, pray tell is on the shoulder of the OU, Michigan, UNC Football teams every Saturday? Again…football. Transcendent! MJ wins the cultural war. You cited that LBJ has the cultural edge because of all his social media followers… MJ did what he did with the Jordan brand WITHOUT social media. Can you even IMAGINE him today? I’M USING CAPS! I’M ANGRY! I LOVE LAMP!


This, exactly this. If MJ was currently playing and doing all of the things he did, social media would explode.


youre seriously blind if you don’t see how Lebron is an ultimate trendsetter. Your premise of “well he’s doing a sequel of what MJ did so he’s a follower” is quite frankly insane. MJ didn’t and doesn’t have the influential power that lebron does. Some of that isn’t his fault in that he didn’t have social media and what not. But MJ was also not really interested in using his platform that way. Lebron influences change within the basketball community and outside of it. To say lebron isn’t a trend setter is crazy and while MJ did a ton for players and salaries and all that, he wasn’t near the advocate that LEbron is. Has there been a topic that we don’t know lebron opinion on? Nope. He knows his audience and his platform and he’s incredible at using it.

Lebrons shoe deal is over a billion, the specifics just aren’t out.

Also, yeah he wears his number. And of course he’s not going to say “yeah I’m better than MJ” are you kidding me? He’d get obliterated for saying that. As far as getting a pass when the player situation was bad, have you seen the dumpster fire that is Cleveland?? And he has gotten the results when he’s been able to have the influence. Three titles and had probably the best chance this year as well. He even got one and ALMOST Had another in Cleveland by himself. Where he had to play the warriors… the historically good warriors.

Everyone seems to hate the Jordan football uniforms.

@ me next time.

Nope. Cuz it’s not a just you thing. It’s a sentiment out there.

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I kinda do too. They are for the more traditional schools, and I’m not a fan of traditional unis.

Oh wow…that’s head-to-desk material…

You understand that shoe deals, in and of themselves, are a thing because of MJ, right? He had the first-ever truly lucrative shoe endorsement deal. That’s being a trendsetter.

He made basketball popular on a global scale.

I would even go so far to argue he modernized the NBA, when he came into the league, single-handedly. Made dunking a more entertaining play.


I truly believe that Lebron is further ahead than lebron by more than most think. The same sort of thing can be said for those saying MJ is the best.

A ton of older people will stick to MJ is better because “It’s michael Jordan! He’s the best! Look at rings!” Yes he has more rings. But so does Robert Horry.

And correct he never lost in the finals like Lebron has, but lebron has never lost in the first round like MJ has. Lebron has passed MJ in every playoff category besides rings. But like I said before MJ didn’t have the historic warriors To play and was never an underdog in the finals.

Maybe MJ would have a big social media presence, but from documentaries and interviews he doesn’t seem to care much about influence. More about the money. Which is completely fine, but we don’t talk about Kawhi as much because he doesn’t use his influence, but he’s one of the best players in the nba right now.

He doesn’t. :man_shrugging:t2: Lebron covers everything. MJ gambled and played basketball.

MJ was incredible. And has and had tremendous influence. But lebrons pop culture influence and overall global scale of influence from players to presidents is higher.

MJ wasn’t the first to dunk and do it well and make it exciting.

Shoe deals are a big deal, sure. And MJ did that. But shoe deals compared to having influence over world powers is slightly different