How little is expected from Gundy?

Is one conference title in his career enough? If not then how long does he get to win the second? It’s already taken longer than to win the first. Maybe playing OU to the wire yet never winning is worth 5 million a year.
From what I can tell, there are no expectations. If Gundy is dead last In the conference next year, he still gets he raise. If he recruits in the 40’s still gets a raise.
Obviously it’s his decision when to leave, I just hope he doesn’t decide to coàch as long as Snyder.

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Needs to win Bedlam and held accountable for the losses. That’s what it comes down to.


How much do you expect from Gundy?

To stop being a gentleman rancher and be a full time football coach. Not too much to expect from a guy that gets top 20 pay. Not too much to expect from a guy that fired Wickline for spending too much time ranching and not enough time recruiting. Total hypocrisy IMO.

A great example is two games ago. With the game on the line Gundy is screaming defensive calls on the headset that don’t exist. I don’t have a problem with him dictating what he wants run. I do have a massive problem that he didn’t ensure those plays were already in the playbook and the players know how to execute those plays.


He won the conference his 7th year is it too much to ask for a second in the next five? Seven? Ten?
I think he has proven the first one was a fluke. It’s been 8 years since he won the conference how many years does it take to prove he can’t do it again?
I realise a lot of fans believe Gundy built it, it’s his to run in the ground.
Anyway, I don’t think it matters cause Gundy stays until he is ready to leave. I’m older than Gundy so I don’t think I’ll see another conference title in my life time.


So being t15 in wins over the last 10 yrs (objective) isn’t good enough.
Could it be better, well Corndog could have thrown a pass that had greater than a 0 probability of being caught, Mason could have thrown to one of his 2 wide open receivers, Gilbert could have hung onto the ball, so yes it could be better those 3 things would undoubtedly have made it better. Enough for everyone, nah, who’s kidding who, still though, objectively better.


I agree guys, we definitely needed yet another thread on this. Especially in the midst of a 3 game winning streak.


Gundy could have recruited better. Gundy could have hired better coordinators. There’s lots of could haves but it comes down to, Gundy can’t beat OU and can’t win the conference.
Do you think the offense will be better next year than Rudolph, Washington and Hill? I hope Gundy turns it around but the last 8 years makes me doubt he can take that step.

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About 125 out 130 other teams have a problem beating OU also.


Yeah I like making things up and writing about them on the internet too.

I mean… seriously? Wickline wasn’t fired… he left to go coach with his pal at Texas.

And he was screaming defensive calls… what? I mean, beyond there being no way you know that… when has Gundy ever been involved in defensive play calling?

Get real.


About 120 of those 130 teams would trade their last decade and a half with us too.


I believe it was Joel Klatt who pointed out how ridiculous this narrative is. He spoke in the context of Michigan, a team that recruits better than we do, pays their coach more, and has less wins since 2010. UM has always had trouble getting to the top and particularly beating their rival Ohio State. What boosters are asking of Harbaugh is to beat Ohio State when they are better than they have been at any other point in their history.
Oklahoma is a top 5 program that has consistently competed for a playoff spot since the format came out and has 2 Heisman winners, a blietnikoff winner, and a top 10 oline ever year. Since 2010, we’ve had 5 different conference champs. OU, us, Baylor, TCU, and K State. Oklahoma has 6 titles in that time. The next best is Baylor at 2, and the other 3 have 1 title each.

I’m not saying we don’t need to beat OU or win a conference championship again, I’m saying people, especially us as OSU fans, can overlook how hard it is to accomplish that when you’re in the same conference as a team that is on the same level of dominance as Alabama or Ohio State.


And Baylor had to throw all moral decency out the window to get to 2.


This refers to some stuff that Gundy said to the media after the TCU game. PFB wrote about it at the time if you want to read about it. It was a little confusing to be honest, but I didn’t take it literally. I took it as a Gundy-esque bit of hyperbole about how excited he was at the time.

Admittedly, I’m the president of the Loser Mentality Gundy Apologists Club [TM], but it didn’t strike me as any kind of real issue at all.


You are right on Wickline. He wasn’t fired and I was wrong. Wick, like Josh Henson, left when he was passed over for the OC hire. It is fair to say Gundy knew Wickline would leave based upon the MY hire. The relationship had soured which was sad but true. My hope is Charlie Dickey doesn’t want to be promoted.

I heard the defensive input when I listened to Gundy’s post game news conference and read the PFB article on it. Thought that was pretty real. Perhaps not listening to Gundy speak might leave me less frustrated. Too bad as listening to Eddie Sutton before and after games was often as good as watching his teams play. Miss that often.

I definitely took it as tongue in cheek.

It’s sad to read that.

Don’t take this the wrong way, because it’s not meant in a negative fashion, but I hope I don’t have to say what you said at the end.

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If it was easy we wouldn’t be paying him 5 million a year. I just keep asking how long do you wait for a conference title. It’s been 8 years, do you give him 10 years, 15 or 20. (Remember Bill Snyder coached till he was 80)

If he keeps winning 8+ a year, he has how ever long it takes Holder to fund the new wrestling room at the very least. I have no interest in money that could go to that going toward firing Gundy at the current level of success.


Don’t care. Beat OU or get out.

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