How would joining 1 of the 4 conf. Effect osu

We all know that staying with the big 12 in any format will be the worst.
So which the best way to go.
What do we offer. By latest tv rankings we are 19th.

Sec of course. There would be still a slim chance.
Good, all the money in the world.
If football stay OK, we would bring in more eyeballs.
Tv wise were are 19th.
What would really happen football, baseball, and softball would have a hard time.

Big 10
Yes money money.
I think only wrestling would be effected. Good or bad.
Big 10 is happy where there at. Are tv would only boost them a lil.

Acc this would only help in money. Have to be the worst of the four. Even if they do a new deal espn is still going to want to keep it till '35. It would be a big boost in tv. We rank 3rd in the acc.
Basketball would be the hardest hit. Plus the add travel expenses.

Pac12. They would benefit the most from us.
They average 1 million per game. Fresh eyeballs. They would also open up time slots that more people would watch. We would be second on tv ratings. We also fit with the league of champions.
The hold up with the pac 12, their happy being the pac12. There are 6 of those school with huge donor money. If they want to compete with the other powers. They will come sniffing. Their tv deal is up rite before ours.
Teams effected baseball and softball.
Football we have a good foot hold in recruiting in the west all ready. So us playing usc or Oregon would keep it going

Affect* :kissing_heart:


Since we probably won’t go to any of them it’s a moot point how u spell it.

I’m glad my spelling affects ur life so much. I feel so good getting attention for people like u. It warms my heart thank u.

Do you make these threads to humor us?

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If ur opinion is different feel free to post. I have read alot worse. Any way only the pac 12 will take us if any one.
I mean first what is so funny( besides my spelling which I know who u are).

Truly insane!


Well then state what u think. Oh yea I forgot I didn’t say the trigger word " gundy". U can only chit opinion about gundy. This is way above ur pay grade.

Lol lol. Not. If ur to good to talk to us peasants then dnt.
I do like how u still talk with ur mom about big boy stuff.
Self absorbed r we. U must like pricks.

I guess u will be happy going with the aac

If we don’t give a chit about winning the conference, what difference does it make what conference you’re in?

I guess I need to drink alot more to understand ur logic.
It really doesn’t matter to u as long as u can get ur gundy propaganda out.

I’m going to go REALLY far onto the ledge and say this is probably the most intelligent thing you’ve ever said on here.

I’ll make it simple for you. For years, Gundy supporters have said forget conference championships what matters is the number of wins. Also don’t worry about the quality of the wins cause Alabama doesn’t play top ten teams every game.
So shut up about what conference we end up in

That goes back to ur an idiot. If we dnot get a conference to get into no one will. It will have nothing to do with number of titles gundy has won.