If we lose to KState...does Gundy's seat start to heat up?

In the case of the Texas game, it’s becoming typical, where we lose “let-down” games because of what appears to be terrible preparation. And no adjustments are made during the game.

I have a real fear that KState is going to win this next game.

No. The answer to your question is no.


Agree with @eddy here. The answer is no.

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It’s always important to keep in mind that it takes 17 million to get rid of him, plus whatever it costs to hire the next guy.

His seat is not remotely warm until they don’t add the year back to his contract, which would take at the least a losing season.

After last season, a losing season would surely accelerate things.

Well we’re going 10-2 so.


The answer is no. He has a lifetime job (literally and figuratively). He’s changed the program and we as fans have to be happy with him until he decided to leave himself. And rightfully so because he’s changed the organization.

That being said… I feel like we are experiencing exactly what KState experienced with Schneider - you just sit back and be happy because of everything he’s done. But Gundy is getting complacent and I just feel like the world is moving faster than he is. Will our next coach be better than Gundy? No one knows. But if Gundy brings in a 6-6 team this year, I do wish someone could force Gundy to change. But that’s not going to happen.

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Am I pleased with the coaching on Saturday? No. However, let’s take a deep breath.

If OSU beats Kansas State this weekend, I fully believe we could win the rest until bedlam. Remember in 2013 when we lost our opener to West Virginia and slowly improved throughout the year! I could see that happening this year. The schedule sets us up for it as long as we beat Kansas State this weekend.

Has anyone in the big 12 really impressed you guys? I would say OU and Kansas State have been the only two for me.


Nope. Mike gundy is here as long as he wants to be here. He more or less has a lifetime contract.

If you don’t like mike gundy you might want to switch teams. Osu isn’t touching him.

I am never going to switch teams, given I went to school there and all, nor did I say he needs to be fired. The question was asked of whether he would be on the hot seat or not, nothing more.

I hope you’re right.

But if we do lose to KState, what’s the narrative going to be?

Fair question. So my honest opinion is that we should not be heavy favorites in this game by any means. Seeing us as at -4 is ridiculous. They have proven they can win against a good team on the road and are coming off a bye week. Kind of a scheduling issue on the Big 12’s end, but it is what it is.

If we lose this game, we will be in a dog fight within the conference. I would still say 8-4 maybe even 9-3 is obtainable, which is right on par if not a bit higher than most were predicting for this team. Texas and KSU are both in the upper half of the league and we’re getting them early which, in my opinion, isn’t beneficial with 1st year OC and QB.

I think this game is huge, but it’s a long season. I’m sure we’ll have more frustration if we lose, which is to be expected.



If the cowboys throttle the wildcats does Gundy’s seat cool down, if they follow that up by finishing the regular season at 12-1 should Gundy leave for greener pastures.

If we go 10-2 for the next 4 years the same group will be telling us that we should have higher standards and that Gundy can’t get the job done.


If the Cowboys win against Kstate, I’m going to be worried about tx tech and post, if Gundy loses to tt should he be on the hot seat, if they win then I’m going to be worried about the next game and rinse and repeat, if the cowboys lose a game, any game, immediately following, I’m going to post a not so subtle message that Gundy should be worried about his job and if holder isn’t putting pressure on him he’s not doing his job. If they finish 11-1 I’m going to post that I couldn’t be happier to be wrong and how much I enjoy eating crow, anything less and I’m going to tell everyone on here I settle for nothing less than perfection, because, well as I’ve already told you I’m a perfectionist and I’m not happy with 10-2 and attempt to insult your intelligence if you say you are.

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It really is interesting to hear from people whose worldview is so diametrically opposed to my own. I mean that sincerely.

Anybody who feels this way did not have to live through the bad old days. Maybe we get frustrated with Coach’s decisions and game plans, but we’ve gone to the brink of a national championship with him and many 10 win seasons. There was a time when OSU getting to a bowl game was a big deal, now it’s expected every year.

Coach Gundy would need to have multiple losing seasons in a row before a change might actually be considered.

As much as folks would like to debate the Gundy longevity topic …the only real # that matters is the attendance #…when Holder sees that # trending in wrong direction…the Gundy heat and longevity discussions will accelerate …regardless of contract terms …