If we lose to KState...does Gundy's seat start to heat up?

So you’re all aware, I’m not avoiding this topic.

I woke up to several responses, and will read over them and give a complete and nuanced response before the day is done.


I agree 1000%

I think Gundy should take heat for his Bedlam record. Why is that off limits?

A bad season will happen and that’s excusable. The Bedlam record is an issue though.


I don’t think its off limits it just needs to be put in perspective. OU most of the years we have lost to them went on to win the conference and usually is in the playoff/national title picture. To me they are the last great stumbling block we would need to overcome to be able to say we reach the top level and put ourselves in the spot to try and win national titles. This is the goal and it seems like we have climbed a long way but getting over this one seems to be much tougher than event he huge climb we have already had. I mean if it was another team that we were consistently losing to that was not as up there as OU then we have a big problem. But to me beating OU consistently means we are one of the elite schools (unless OU crashes like they did before Stoops). Thus to me saying fire Gundy if he can’t be OU is almost like saying fire Gundy cause he can’t win national titles.

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Perspective. Gundy averages 4th in the conference. If Gundy was competing for conference titles and only losing to OU, then I might agree with you. Now we setting where K State was just a couple years ago. A coach that has us consistently in the middle of the conference and no way to make a change.

So, it’s totally OK to tell everyone that I’m the one that said I was a perfectionist. I’m proud of that and would like that you credit me for saying it. Just so people know I’m not willing to accept stagnation/mediocrity.

Now, let me address a few matters that have come up:

1.) I never said I wanted Gundy to be fired. The question was simply asked, does his seat heat up, after such a poorly-coached Texas game, if they lose to KState? I did not ask “Does he get fired after the game?”. Anyone who took that away from what I said is a complete idiot. I would absolutely LOVE to be able to say, “Hey, how bad are we going to smash KState?”…“We’re going to hammer Iowa State.”. But we get so many shaky games now, that shouldn’t be so.

2.) Does Gundy really annoy me with his leadership? YES! And it’s perfectly fine for people to feel that way! From the mullet crap…to his general complacency in recruiting (evidently)…to the occasional flirtations with other schools as leverage builders…he seems to just kind of be going with the motions. I know he has mentioned he has some newfound, re-lit flame. Well, let’s see what that gets us with Spencer at the helm. Let’s also see how that translates to recruiting.

3.) I was at OSU from 2000-2004. So one season with Bob Simmons, four with Les Miles. Now, let’s look at some highlights of Miles, specifically:

a.) 2-2 against OU. He beat OU as many times as Gundy has, in a much shorter amount of time. And he did it without the assistance of a $170 million donation to make the athletics facilities better.

b.) Three bowl games in a row. I’m not sure why people think Gundy is the one who put OSU on this “always make a bowl game” expectation. I’d argue Miles did. And again, WITHOUT the donation.

Does this all mean I want Miles back as our coach? No. I’m simply giving my frame of reference. After the Cotton Bowl against Ole Miss and Eli Manning, which I attended, I was actually really happy, because we were competitive and seemed like we would only improve. On the other hand, when Gundy loses the “big” bowl games, like the few Cotton Bowls against Ole Miss or Missouri, it’s frustrating. And the excuses are even worse (“Ole Miss was just more athletic than us”, for example). Winning the Fiesta Bowl was great, but did it lead to the program breaking through a ceiling…? Not really.

4.) On Gundy and OU, this notion that OU is just better because of “resources” is ludicrous. The people who say this also point out how so generous Boone Pickens was (which he was, I’m not debating that). The thing is, the people say OU has more than we do…so what did Boone give us, peanuts? We have “resources” also. That argument is old and stale and needs to die a quick death. It feeds into the “little brother” BS narrative that some people peddle.

Lastly, 5.) I don’t understand why it’s a bad thing to expect to do even better than before. People know we almost always have a great offense. So…go recruit five-star guys for it! Maybe they’re just not selling it well? I have no idea.

This is the thing: Gundy has put the team at certain expectations (9-ish wins, bowl game, etc.). Why can’t we expect to go even further than that? (11-ish wins, NY5 bowl game, etc.)? Why is it a bad thing to want to be better?

I understand that the program used to be terrible. And quite honestly, I don’t care. What’s done is done, and in the past. I care about how we are NOW and how we will be IN THE FUTURE. You all should, too.


Yeah, you called yourself out, I never mentioned you and had no interest in doing so.

Here’s a little reminder:
A lion doesn’t have to tell anyone he’s a lion

“HeRe’S a LiTtLe ReMiNdEr:”

Shame, I thought it would be to drink my Ovaltine.

Thanks for the novel

I hope your reading comprehension is up to snuff! Enjoy.

Not even reading your BS. Your whole presumption was OUR team going 7-6. Why? I don’t get it. What if we go 4-8. What if we go 14-1? Just a poor topic no matter what.
Why can’t I post this? I have navy adds popping up. I paid for no ads and can’t post.

When did I mention the 7-6 bit?

Also, I expected a response like yours. People who are unwilling to understand differing stances is common among the OSU fanbase.

The worst topic that you felt the need to comment on…

“I don’t think its off limits it just needs to be put in perspective. OU most of the years we have lost to them went on to win the conference and usually is in the playoff/national title picture.”

But we know that. We know, every season, that OU is going to be the best B12 team. That’s an expectation (keyword) for them.

I just assumed if you’re talking losing to k state and putting Gundy on the hot seat, you’re talking a7-6 season. Yeet!. That obviously didn’t happen. YEET! what’s your next hypothetical, headchimp? Lead us, great sir!

If we’re lose to tech, is Gundy on the hot seat? Or the next week? What’s your great take?

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I mean, don’t try to change the subject. You created the subject. It’s “if we lose to k state…” well we didn’t. Do what was your point other than negativity that didn’t happen? Huh?

Largest point differential in an OSU win over K-State since 1988… Pretty much dominated them. Struggled to score in the red zone, which evidence is mounting to show that is a Sanders issue and not a play calling issue… Defense was outstanding. O-Line play was incredible with two starters out.

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I think it’s Bedlam for what it’s worth. And by hot seat it needs to be a discussion where Holder tells him the expectation is to beat OU. You don’t fire Gundy over it but he needs to know the seat is at least a little warm.