Instacap: Aggressive Cowboys Bully Mountaineers 81-58

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OSU led the entire second half.

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Loved the attacking defense and offense, loved that Cisse went for his turn around in the land and his defender went with him so he went up and under, showing offensive growth. A part of me would like to know what percentage of the turnovers had nothing to do with the opposing defense… Seems like it was around 50%. Am I wrong??


This is hands down the best ball game since they throttled KU at home. The Cowboys were getting mugged and not getting calls against wvu. The best call was the double T and ejection on wvu. I thought Huggins was going to personally throw him off the court.

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Where the heck has this team been lately??


WV isn’t great, but I’ve been saying this is a good team that’s had a lot of close losses. Just gotta clean up a few things here and there to make the difference. Anyone else on here want to still suggest we should model ourselves after Iowa State?

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Joey do u really think anyone thinks ur rite about osu wv or iowa state basketball. Dude this was a great win. It would be nice if they get it together. But like the last good win at Baylor. It helps win the other team doesn’t show up.

It was just 17 days ago when Michael said Iowa State was the model Coach B and the players should follow. Well….that Iowa State team is 1-4 since playing OSU (with a 16 point loss to WV btw) and they’re currently last in the conference. Sorry, but I don’t think that’s a good model to follow.

So if a team plays a good game, and they put forth some effort (against a team they lost to earlier in the season). That just means the other team decided not to show up? Okay then lol.

Well like u telling us to follow or hire Matt. So some people say weird things about isu.

We played a nice game. Wv had a bad day. I’m not saying we wouldn’t have won. But just like this team can fall of the map. When wv scored 30 points they became a different team.

From the parts of the game I was able to watch seemed like a lot of unforced turnovers. I still don’t understand why Moncrieffe dribbles so much. Probably because he can turn the ball over dribbling too much and not come out of the game. They did a fantastic job rebounding and free throws were made at a clip they should make them at. On the pistols firing podcast a few weeks ago they mentioned it seems like opposing teams shoot the lights out in GIA, and I’ve thought that myself too. Well, today that wasn’t the case. WVU was awful shooting from the field. This OSU team is way better with Bryce Williams in the lineup. He does so much for us on both ends of the floor. It was nice to get a win. Go Pokes!


So it’s only okay to bash me if I say something of the sort? Just let everyone else on here get away with saying something that’s completely wrong? Got it!!!

Oh come Joey. I said someone people. Are u going by them they now. I know ur off but never thought u went that far.
Any way I thought u always wanted special treatment.

You mean in the rotation… He was not in the starting line-up

Joey u always look at things in a very strange way.
It was a good win. Boynton is final use two bigs at a time. Limiting 3’s shot. Boynton called a great time out when we were up big, but the guys shot 2 fast 3’s in a row.
But acting like they have learn how to lock down is not true. Wv and Baylor both shot 10% less then our average. Well yea u can say great d but they had plenty of open shots. I think the missed 14 in a row at one point. U get games like that.

The thing is can the use it to get on a run for the next games.

I never said “starting” lineup. My opinion is this team is way better with Bryce Williams on the floor. When he was out this team definitely missed what he brings to the table.


And you say I need special treatment?

That’s what happens when the team plays good defense.

How is this team ‘way better’ ?
What does he bring to the table that this team desperately missed?

Did you even read the article? For starters he’s probably the best perimeter defender we have. He is 3rd on the team in points per game. He is 2nd on the team in assists per game. He is 3rd on the team in steals per game. He is the best free throw shooter on the team. Lastly, we are 1-5 this year in games he hasn’t played.


And only turned 12 turnovers. U skip the part about they have open shots. I said they played good ur ignored that too. Teams have bad games for alot of reason beside the other team. We know this from out own team.
Again u were wrong I said u want special treatment. I never said we gave u special treatment.

If I was u, u should hope they use this to help in up coming games.

He’s also good in clutch situations. Him and Thompson are the two I want to have the ball in the final seconds to make a play for the win or OT.

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