Instacap: Cowboys' Comeback Just Short, OSU Falls to TCU 77-73

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The Cowboys put a scare into the home crowd, but fall to 11-12.

Walker is a bust. Avery is little Westbrook and our coach has no clue what to do. And ice is our best player. What does that tell you?

Should have went with Doug y’all!

Thanks Holder. Glad he’s gone!

What can be done with these atrocious referees? TCU 18 of 23 oSu 5 of 10. A whistle on virtually every trip down the court. Unwatchable. I credit our players and coaches for not going ballistic over this poorly called game.

The good news we didn’t have that many turnovers, the bad news I don’t think TCU caused any of the OSU turnovers……….

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That you don’t know the game of basketball, and you just a commentator on the sidelines and never in the games. You never hooped before in ya life.


Yep, Jeff has no clue.

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Are the PFB+ comment sections worth it?

How do you not win when their best player, Miles, is not playing?
Free throws again decide the game.
Ice the leading scorer, OMG!?
I have started to look ahead to next season. We might be even worse then.

I don’t want to be a broken record hater like some, but Boynton is feeling like a more charismatic Travis Ford. I hope he turns it around, I do. He seems like a great dude.

OSU got killed on the glass. Zone defense isn’t always best for getting rebounds. I would have definitely liked to see less zone. Eddie’s teams didn’t seem to need any zone. Opposing teams had trouble passing and catching balls much less getting rebounds against Eddie’s teams.

I agree. From a wins and losses standpoint there probably hasn’t been much difference, but Boynton is a more likeable guy. The fanbase is definitely behind him, but they have to start winning more. Next season will be crucial to his future in my opinion.

Did they give him a contract extension last season, or just a raise?
If no extension, I would guess they will let him finish his contract and then look elsewhere. At this point, it seems that the guys he recruited are good, but not good enough to be playing against Big 12 competition. He goes after the top guys just like most other schools but it seems players at the highest level have no interest in OSU. Recruiting only gets worse as our program remains mediocre. When a team like Iowa State can be near or at the bottom of its conference, yet be ranked nationally in the top 25, it says something about the type of players it takes to compete in this conference. If he can’t bring in who we need to win big, then the only thing left to do is open the bank to bring in an available big name coach from a successful program like they did with Eddie Sutton. Not no names like Travis Ford and a coach with no head coaching experience. That was a head scratcher hire and still is. I think he is done when the contract is done. Admin needs to do whatever it takes to bring the whole athletic program to the level that Gundy has his eyes upon for his football program.

Bouton has the worst winning percentage of the all coaches since Sutton.

Please enlighten us all how I’m wrong.

I don’t think any one person is right or wrong when it comes to the discussion about Walker. The kid is just inconsistent. He’s a sophomore so I’m not exactly ready to call him a bust yet.
Look at Avery Anderson. Everyone thought he might go to the NBA. He’s been one of the most inconsistent players in college basketball this season.

Likekele’s inability to be a consistent scorer doesn’t exactly make things better. He didn’t score a single point in the bedlam game and was the leading scorer last night. Cisse, is for the most part, not a consistent threat offensively. If this team can develop Cisse into being a decent offensive threat, and get a point guard that’s halfway decent at making shots and free throws next season it will make a world of difference for this team. That also takes a little pressure off Thompson and Walker as well.

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Ice has killed this team for way too long. Got to get a point guard. This team has nobody that is consistent. The most consistent player would be Bryce I guess or the kids that don’t play but consistently sit the bench. What’s up with Chris Harris? Is he just an intern now.

He’s here until the 2027-2028 season unless we want to buy him out, which I don’t see happening until that buyout number drops in a few seasons. I want to see how he does next year before picking a side. We have a lot of young guys who should develop and they’ll actually have something to play for next year.

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I think he’s torn his ACL 2-3 times.