Instacap: Oklahoma State Completes Comeback, Beats Texas 32-24

I know that alot of people looked at the tech game of 70 and got it in there heads the have an offense

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U get lost on football, so I would hate to think what u come up with on politics

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Malcolm Rodriguez deserves the game ball for knocking Thompson out of the game or we lose.


Love that kid. Might be my favorite since barry

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Oh you have necrophilia? Seek help boy. Everyone on here knows you’re a acne covered middle aged fat man who couldn’t get laid on the strip in Vegas with a fist full of $100.00 dollar bills.

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My mistake again, necrophilia definition; likes sex with dead people.

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With your filthy attitude and dirty mind I can believe your son is at Baylor

He probably fits the “culture”

U have problems. Were six and zero thats zero with a big 0. U got all over me over the ou lose last year. But just can’t take any joy in gundy winning

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He calls everyone mommy

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Dropped the mic :microphone:

So which way do you swing on politics then? Just asking since you claim to be a so called expert on all things. Even though you can’t spell or give a credible source on anything.

Their pretty open they had briles

Are we going to stay undefeated by only playing offense in the 4th quarter?

I am my own source. I would rather be rite then wrong like u.
I’m in the center with republican lending toward national stuff.

Thanks!!! That tells me everything I need to know.

High IQ, high ACT/SAT scores? Yes he does. And thank God for a scholarship because I don’t have to pay 25K a semester. Which is more then you make annually at McDonald’s. But keep striving little man! You’ll be somebody some day!

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Last week it was are we going to win by only scoring in the first half. I did not use the wrong are. I was talking to u, knowing u are not with us.

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Until bedlam? I think so. Who knows, things may improve.

U better learn more.