Instacap: Oklahoma State Defeats Marquette 70-62

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The Cowboys moved to 3-0 on the road.

Guys played great but the coaching was even better! Excited to see what this team will do in the big 12. #7 my a$$! Go


I’m looking for those folks who always say Boynton is a terrible coach. His adjustments saved the game from getting too ugly early and then our talent (and poor shooting from Marquette) took over.

Btw, Cade and Rondel on the floor at the same time = good things happening. Walker is a baller. His length and quickness is killer on D and he just has a nose for the basket. I’m a big fan.

And Cade only shooting the ball 11 times tells me that he knows when he needs to score and when he just needs to control the flow of the game. He’s definitely a pro.

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Nice to see a coach that makes adjustments when needed. Wish the football coach would do the same.

Nope!!! It’s his 4th year and that’s enough time to see if he’s worth keeping!!! It’s obvious he’s not!!! We only keep the football coach around for 16 years!!! That’s totally acceptable though!!!

“All of the sudden, it was the Golden Eagles would couldn’t hold onto the ball, and the Cowboys made them pay in transition.“

“ Their game was far from perfect, but the Cowboys showed some plenty of resiliency to go with their exciting young talent.”

Does nobody proofread these things?

Still the same lots of turnovers, no assists, not great shooting , big guy fouling out.

I hope this guy has learn how to coach he has lost a ton of games when had a large lead. No center will make it tuff

Why? The NBA has essentially moved to smaller and faster lineups. The game of basketball is evolving to where you don’t need to have pure size, but people that can actually place fast and balanced basketball.

All Boynton is doing is keeping up with the times and evolution of the game. Something our football coach hasn’t done in a decade now. Boynton also made adjustments. Something our football coach is too egotistical to do.

Were not in the nba. If u do not know what I mean then ur the only one. It’s been talked about ever time we don’t have a center.
Let me guess u played jr high basketball too.
Forwards trying to defend tall players foul out. A good big man will keep are forwards on the bench. Then see how small line up does with 5 guards.
U have shown how lil u know about football now I’ve got to read it through basketball.
Think god I don’t have to read comments on all the other sports
Boynton has no desire to not have centers. U couldn’t read Gundy’s mind and ur proving boynton too.
Sorry to explain to u joe boynton is not a visionary. When he lost are two center he rushed to get the one we got.
Not going to talk about portal with boynton. Just like u joe. How do u lose 2 centers.

Tremendous coaching, totally shutdown their offense and ability to move the ball. This team seems to be advancing and improving in every aspect of the game.

You don’t have to have the biggest man on the court to prove you have a good team. As long as this team keeps improving offensively and plays solid and fast defense they will be just fine.

In 2003-2004 season the tallest guy starting for OSU was 6’9 and his name was Ivan McFarland. Eddie Sutton took that team to the final four and would’ve taken them to the National Title game had Georgia Tech not made a last second layup.

Eddie Sutton proved you don’t need size to have a good team or play solid defense and disciplined basketball. Do you think Eddie Sutton was a crappy coach too?

First I never said we need the tallest body.
Ivan was a beast in alot of ways. But one thing he play with forwards.
Like usual u compare apple and orange.
College basketball is different from jr high joe.

You said “No Center will make it tuff”. Your implying that you need a big center to be successful when that’s not necessarily true. Don’t try to twist it to your liking.

Hey Joe, Robert’s just trolling, like you said, he’s worried Boynton going to be successful and put more pressure on Gundy.

Unlike u I’m for all the coaches. I like boynton he made a hard decision to kick those guys off. He says the rite stuff. He has blown large leads over the last three yrs, lots of games. That last sr. Class actual got worse under him. I see alot of turnovers, low assists not the best shooting %. All continuing from the last three yrs. One good recruiting class does make a dynasty. Lost r only 2 centers in portal.
This is the stuff u would have a hey if Gundy did it. He still hasn’t had a winning % in conference.
It will be hard for r 2 forwards to be centers. I do not know why u don’t understand this point, it has been the same from the last 2 yrs.
I’m being honest about 3 wins. Not get hard and blow my mind.

You’re right, it is unlike me

[quote=“robert28, post:16, topic:10134”]
off. He says the rite stuff. He has blown large leads over the last three yrs, lots of games. That last sr. Class actual got worse under him. I see alot of turnovers, low assists not the best shooting %. All continuing from the last three yrs.

In the last two seasons and this season thus far. Mike Gundy is a combined 21-13. He is currently:

0-3 against OU
1-2 against Texas
0-2 against Baylor
1-1 against TCU
1-2 against Tech

So you are going to hammer a coach that’s just started his 4th season but you won’t criticize a coach that’s made mediocrity the norm since the 2018 season began?

Look boynton has not won in the big 12 u can cherry pick facts from Gundy. Not going to change the fact boynton has won in the big 12. Would be nice to keep Gundy on the football side. U said u just want a new coach. Which is a lie, u hate Gundy. It’s really pathetic the way u obsessive go after Gundy. Get a grip, Gundy going to be here a long time.
The things I say about boynton are real issues. U can crown him the next iba, I’m still going to see the next 5yrs. First he needs a winning record in conference.

I also believe u know less about basketball then football. And all u know about football is ou stats