Instacap: Oklahoma State Holds Off Kansas State 82-79 in Overtime

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The Cowboys found their 3-point shot in overtime.

Good win. Now let’s finish strong.


Big win.

They still can’t control the boards or shoot ft.

If they go 2 and 2 I will be OK.


Rebounding has been a struggle. No ice no problem.

Go Pokes! Finish strong! Bring the energy and get the Bedlam sweep.

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Just win Bedlam and let the season end. Next year is a clean slate. Make use of it.


Agreed 100000 percent. Today was fun, but this season as a whole has been really blah.

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You’ll still want Boynton fired.

Joey unlike u I know boynton will be here next year. Also unlike u I’m not a Cryer. U enjoy crying over stuff u can’t make happen.

We’re was boone this game he didn’t play at all.

Speaking of boone. With this team not able to score I would have the best scorer out there more.

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Which Boone? Kalib had double figures, Keylan didn’t play. Don’t know why. Injury?

We’re in the bottom half of the conference, and you’re heralding this guy and hate on 12 win Gundy. So ridiculous. We might squeeze into the top half. This is the Boynton formula. Have an underwhelming season, make a run at the end of the season to excite the fan base and appear to be on the cusp of taking a leap, miss the postseason (except that one time), don’t actually start the next season any stronger.

I would be on the fire Boynton train, but his buyout is too high. Second verse, same as the first. Ugh.

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You cry about anyone that disagrees with you or Gundy. We aren’t all naive.

You think Boone is the best scorer on this team?

I don’t hate on Gundy for 12 wins seasons, or for winning something of some kind of significance. I just think we should probably be doing it more than once every 10 years. Don’t you?

Same thing with Gundy. Win something of significance every 10 years and make it look like you’re on the cusp of something great.

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Yes boone is r best scorer, do the math. I’m sorry, I’ve none the math for u.
If u think Thompson is well run the per minute. But. He has settled in.
But stop setting an offensive gold mine.

Juwan Howard looking pretty cheap right now at least.

Yes I know. We know you don’t understand the math.

No, not the same because he won something of significance. At the very least, Gundy puts out a good, competitive team almost every year. If we could just enjoy the ride of the football season like we do with the basketball season…


Competitive in what terms? Barely getting by average to below average teams while getting blown out by good ones? Because more often than not that’s the case.

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Well how many ways do we explain how osu is competitive.

U always on about why sometimes gundy doesn’t finish as high as predicted. Why do people predict gundy so high. Because like u, everybody thinks gundy is an idiot?
Osu has had top 10 recruiting class like Texas?

No it’s because everyone respects gundy and knows he will have a competitive team year in and year out.

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You tell me. You’re the one that thinks he’s the best coach in the conference. He had a 30% success rate in finishing where people thinks he should or higher preseason. No wonder he doesn’t want rankings coming out for a month into the season.

Again…what is your definition of “competitive”? Because I think after 17 years and one conference title we should probably be a little more competitive than that. AR already gave you a list of how many current and former Big 12 coaches have just as many or more conference titles.