Instacap: Oklahoma State Survives a Wild Game against Tulsa, 28-23

My biggest thing with Sanders was his accuracy. I didn’t think he has as many poor decisions today (albeit against Tulsa) but his accuracy was not very good in my opinion. And the fumble on the long scramble is inexcusable, put the ball in the outside freakin arm that’s basic jv football crap, almost cost us the game.

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The offensive line is truly offensive to watch. Embarrassment to the max.
Disgusting play calling that you might expect from a mediocre high school coach. Let’s hope that Spencer Sanders just needed this game as a warmup and this is not indicative of his potential. Otherwise, make him a running back right now and put in Illingworth and young Gundy. And all those injuries today. This team, like last season, is snake bitten with injuries. It will be an accomplishment for this team to win 6 games.
The good news is Jaylen Warren and the Green twin. We can’t judge the rest of the running backs because the O line does not give them a chance. Not only the O line, but Dunn’s play calling limit’s their ability to perform at their best. I don’t know if Boise State is any good or not this season. But they might not have to be that good to beat us. The O line looks unfixable and Dunn needs some YouTube play calling turorials. Other than that…just try prayer.


He also turned around to look at the defenders. Slowed him down. Just hold the ■■■■ ball.


Jayden Bray I think might be breaking out as well as Green. And I agree, change QB’s, if not and we’re just going to run the ball play field position and let our defense win, because it’s obvious that was the strategy today, just get under center and run the triple option.

Bad play calling, no improvement in quarterback, and no trust in qb1 to throw past the line of scrimmage. But let’s not blame the coach, let’s just keep playing chitty football.

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No… he made some sketchy decisions. The pick, the screen that should have been picked, careless with the ball on the long run, bad RPO decisions (running into defenders, handing off when he should keep). This is his week 1, so maybe he can figure some stuff out. Otherwise, we’re in for a middling season.

He went deep several times. He just doesn’t have good vision in the middle of the field. Can you teach that or does he just not have the acuity to make quick decisions?

Awfully quiet aren’t we Roberto?

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Well it looks like Kansas might have a chance to win a game in conference.

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Just enjoying the scenery.

Hopefully the scenery was better than the offense.

It’s funnier.

I’m lost as to why an OT would block down and double team the NG when there is clearly a DE outside of him and we are in a 5 Wr set. Of course said DE sacked Sanders.


Why hire Tulsa’s OLine coach? Tulsa RBs we’re 30-88, less than 3 yards a carry. OSU’s backs were 30-87? Seems like both run games were crappy to me.


Ok fair point, some of his RPO’s were very poor reads.

Short 10 thoughts:

  1. Spencer hasn’t gotten any better

  2. Gundy is still mediocre

  3. Dickey is the most overrated OL coach in the country

  4. I watched the Kansas game last night and we look just like the offensively

  5. Jaylen Warren should be the #1 HB

  6. Kasey Dunn is not an OC

  7. We aren’t winning in Boise

  8. This team resembles 2005

  9. Tulsa defensive knew where the ball was going 90 percent of the time

  10. The offensive coaching refuses to do their job


Was he in the box when he made those plays. Yea he did a nice job.

Did Brooke Martin play? I did not hear his name.

I feel like a change of O.C. is needed. I dont feel like the play calling or offense meets what the athletes are. Sanders is obviously not a pro style QB, and OSU is obviously not set for a pro style QB. Last week against Missouri St we had a pro style QB that barely threw 50% of his passes, A O-line that couldn’t block. Shane is a statute sitting in the pocket. If what was ran today is RPO then it’s the worst RPO play calling I’ve seen. I think we might be suffering a Identity Crisis on the offense. Sanders is a true RPO player, build that offense around your QB, and call the best plays suited for him. Sanders isnt the Issue. If we want a passing QB then get better offensive linemen or develop them better. Go pokes!


Yes. He never even look at the de. I guess he thought he was still playing guard