Instacap: OSU Finishes Season With a Win over No. 12 Texas Tech

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The Cowboys go out with a bang.

Glad they were able to finish off this disappointing season with a win.

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Finished with a win. Glad it’s over.


It’s strange how people don’t overly get upset with Gundy if he goes 6-6 in the regular season and wins 33% of his conference games.

Then when Boynton goes 15-15 and wins 44% of his conference games in a post season ban year they’re all ready to run him out of Stillwater.

We have some really ugly wins in football this season as well (some of those teams not not so good). So why does it have to be ugly when Boynton beats the #12 team in the country? Aren’t you always the one saying that a win is a win even if it’s by 1 or 30?

Because that’s Gundy’s low point. His bottom is a mediocre season and a bowl win with some good wins. His ceiling, thus far, is being on the cusp of national title contender. Can he get us over that hump? I don’t know, but being within striking distance is admirable if frustrating. His average performance is 8-10 wins, ending the season ranked.

Boynton’s floor so far is nearly bottom of the conference. His ceiling so far is finishing 5th in conference with a single tournament victory with the #1 player in the country. His average is bottom half of the conference, missing the tournament, showing some fight at times.

Berry Tramel just did a composite of the ten years of the 10 team Big XII and where each team ranked. It was KU way out in front, then Baylor in comfortable second place, and OSU was ninth. That is unacceptable. Boynton is responsible for 40% of that.

Why are you talking to me. Was it ugly or not.

4-7 is worse than mediocre.

National Title contenders got to the CFP.

2017- he won 22 games and pretty much got screwed out of the tournament, and went deep into the NIT with no NBA talent on the roster.

2018- Weathers, Calloo, and Jones were dismissed from the team. The team got to a point where Boynton had 8 players and had to have tryouts to fill a roster. Record 12-20

2019- More than half his team were freshman and sophomores. His best seniors were McGriff, Waters, and Dizzy (none of them were drafted). Record 18-14

2020- Cade comes in and this team goes 21-9 after playing sixteen ranked opponents. (10-6 against the ranked opponents) and Boynton wins us our first tournament game since 2009.

2021- Oh yeah!!! The guy got told his team is being banned from the tournament.

As far as Bedlam is concerned (which we all hold dear). Boynton is 7-5 against OU so far while Travis Ford went 6-13 in Bedlam (losing 7 in a row at one point). The guy has literally gotten one season where he’s been able to keep a full roster together. He’s not as bad as you seem to think he is.

It’s a win.

Joey what the hell are you doing we know what boynton has and hasn’t done. I thought you said he was coming back next year. You only care because you have a weird fetch about gundy

I see one guy that’s fighting against scholarship reductions and less recruiting time to try and make OSU a destination for high-end basketball talent.

I see another guy that hasn’t had a top 25 recruiting class in 12 years with no scholarship reductions. Also, with an offensive line that’s been mediocre at best since 2013.

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Joey wtf are you going on about.
By Gundy’s 5 year he had 4 bowls and two 9 win season. Showed improvement every year.
Just stop your bs. It just make you look very small.

Joey boynton is he showing improvement. They had 22 trunovers in ames. Not much better last nite.
Can you tell me anybody the improvement on this team.
You can say ciccy he had 4 points in 35 minutes.

This says it all . . . " “Defensively, I think we are the best team in this league,” Oklahoma State guard Isaac Likekele said. “And then offensively, whenever we are focused and move into the right headspace and execute, it looks like beautiful basketball.”

Cisse overall has improved since January. You don’t think Tech had a plan to limit him? Do you think other coaches are just stupid or something? Like they don’t create game plans to limit another team’s best player or two?

He’s essentially saying Boynton creates the game plans and it’s up to them to be able to execute it. So this myth that Boynton doesn’t have offensive sets needs to be buried in the ground. Weird how they seem to do well when they follow what Boynton lays out for them.

If I were the other coach I would have a hard time deciding on who to game plan for. But no not ciccy.
I always get a giggle from you.

So we can talk about executing boynton game plan.
But I was blow hot air when I mentioned execution for football.
Another double standard you care on with.

Who’s fault is it that he has only had one season where he kept the full roster together?

Apparently OU didn’t game-plan enough for Cisse the first time.