Instacap: OSU Survives Ugly Outing, Defeats Missouri State 23-16

I don’t care what Iowa State or OU did, I wasn’t able to watch the game but 23-16 against MO State is pathetic. I will be watching intently next week to see if this was just first game ugliness but that was pathetic.

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Most ranked fcs teams can handle middle of the road g5.
I have actually said some stuff I didn’t like. But. I will not let u praise everyone for doing the same thing gundy did.
U have a serious problem with double standards.

I with u logan. But my comments are for Joey.
I’m just not going to freak out yet.

I’m with but since tulsa lost to a bad fcs team it really mite not be a good gage to go by.

Be glad you weren’t able to watch. I’m sure as hell glad I gave my tickets away for this game. Now I’m not sure if I want to drive to Stillwater for the Tulsa game at this point.

It will be if they play us as tight as MSU just did or if they win.

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Even with the tite game we did get to play alot of players. There were 3 or 4 freshman played.
I’m just not freaking out tho

So we go from big 12 champs to 3rd place, and from 3rd place to 7th place (then 4th place twice in a row), and then to barely beating Missouri State. So you don’t seem to see a problem with that?

There are several teams that play three or four freshmen, but they don’t find themselves in danger of losing to an FCS school.

Unless ur isu tulsaand Washington

Do u even know what the meaning of double standards is.

Iowa State doesn’t need to freak out because they actually play for Big 12 titles and so does OU. We got Gundy trying to take us from 4th back to he Bob Simmons days.

I do but I don’t think you do.

U actually dnt. If u did u wouldn’t bring up ou and isu to defend ur argument.

Did u see the new the new ku coach made ku a million times better. It’s just their first game. Now u know why they got ride of miles

The last time I checked Iowa State and OU played for a Big 12 title. I didn’t remember seeing Gundy in the sidelines.

It’s a new year. And by real standards we had a whole lot better week then those top ten teams.

Speaking of people who will be freaken out isu plays iowa soon.
Let’s see how some of ur brilliant coach did. Minnesota lost. Indiana decided to stay home. Miami never left the beach.

I do think there’s a pretty decent shot of ISU getting whacked by Iowa if they don’t get it together in the next seven days. I also think there is a pretty good shot we don’t make it through our non con schedule unscathed.

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Your right. A new year to go 6-6 (maybe).