Instacap: OSU Survives Ugly Outing, Defeats Missouri State 23-16

Yeah. I guess I would say there is a big difference between Iowa, Ohio State, and Alabama compared to Missouri State. Are you this stupid?

These are ur choices of great coaches. 2 of those teams didn’t if want to play Jr high teams.
They are ranked teams they should at least put the cleets on and warm up.

If we don’t make some of this changes. I mean last couple of years we have done well without getting flag.
It’s hard to run with a bullet in ur foot.

Would Indiana and Minnesota have only beat Missouri State by 7?

I dnt care. Would it count as a bigger win.

A bullet would be generous. This team shot itself in the leg with an RPG.


It’s hard to run when the offensive line has pretty much sucked since Wickine left.

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I dnt know what happened, but since the shane pic they were killing me.

Yes it would.

Is that why hall got 3 yards per carry because they needed wickine.

Now now Joey a win is a win. If u win by 1 or 100 it only counts once.

image I had to.

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What I do know is our offensive line could’ve used him with their amazing push for 1.9 yards per carry against Missouri State tonight.

But they allowed only was sack and 300 yards passing.
Went 75 % redzone td with 100% redzone scoring

I agree with this take. The offensive line was by far the biggest disappointment of the day. We will struggle mightily if they can’t pull it together.

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Illingworth didn’t show any growth. Do the coaches not look at tape and see Illingworth just stare down receivers, he never looks the other way. Step into a throw with some freaking authority. O-Line did stink and tackling on D was horrible. This team better improve quickly!

I’m actually more concerned with the 6 or 7 flags they collected then their run blocking.

Dude, it’s Missouri State!!! Half the teams in the P5 could do that against them. You’re trying to make a poor performance look better than it actually was. Just stop it already!! Lmao you just tried to compare Iowa, Ohio State, and Alabama with Missouri State. Get a clue dude!!!

Those were side bars to make fun of u.
I was comparing msu win to Northern Iowa and Tulane. Idiot.

U stop it. U were going on about Indiana like they were going to win the big 10.