Instant Recap: Oklahoma State Falls to Texas 41-34 in Overtime

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4-zip in the turnover department was just too much to overcome.

Thats an old fashion Poke Choke!

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This one goes into the bag of most disheartening/mind boggling losses. We were the better team by a far margin and managed to lose by self inflicted wounds and a couple of bad calls by the refs late. This one will stick for a long time.


Can’t win with 4 turnovers. I don’t mean to keep harping on Sanders but he’s why we lost. Defense played out of their minds, Tylan caught everything thrown to him, ran the ball well but he had 3 turnovers and several bad decisions that should’ve led to more. This team just needs someone to distribute the ball and not turn it over and we would go undefeated. Just my personal opinion but Sanders can’t be the QB next week.


That was literally the definition of handing the game to your opponent on a silver platter.

I guess on the bright side, I think they can still make it to Arlington if they clean up the turnovers.

If you consider the roughing the punter and kick return for a TD, it was like losing the turnover battle 6-0.


The defense deserved so much better than a 41 on the score board and an L.


You’re welcome Texas…

This goes to show you that in football osu will never and I mean never get to the playoffs!!! It’s just a blue blood game and we will never go undefeated in big twelve play. We had the best team Gundy ever had and still can’t do it. Good luck to future cowboys that think they have a chance. There is not another sport that a non-blue blood can win. Every other sport has a chance besides football. I’m done with the hope so seeeee yaaaa…


All you Gundy-haters who whine about usually closing the 1st half conservatively…here’s your example WHY good coaches do that. That was unbelievably costly.
I can’t feel really great trusting #3 right now. Gotta hang onto the ball…


I don’t think it’s his best team. I’d give the nod to 2011 and 2013 (and maybe 2010) at this point. It’s probably his best defense. I think they are an offensive lineman or 2, and a more consistent QB from claiming that title. That JMO.

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What an idiotic thing to say…“I hope a kid gets a head injury.” Go away…

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I made a lot of money on this game. No legitimate number 6 team, would only be a 3 1/2 point favorite, at home, against an unranked team. Gundy can expect at least 2 more losses.

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Far better teams don’t produce self inflicted wounds, Princess.

Never have liked Sanders inability to read a D, but this game falls on the biggest bonehead play I’ve seen in a while: who the hell tries to block a punt from head, 6 yards from punter, and your team up? That poor kid needs to sleep with this one for a while.

I hear your logic, but you were incredibly fortunate to win. Some of that line has to do with Texas’s brand. OSU was clearly the better team, discipline aside.

You can have all the talent in the world, but if you turn the ball over it doesn’t matter. OSU should have blown Texas out. If it was one game you could over look it. But its every week. Sanders needs to sit. Hope he doesn’t start next week. This L is on him

It’s a joke. I’m still angry that he played the whole game. Gundy should’ve yanked him after the second turnover.

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Good luck future cowboys on having hope but all you will be left is anger and soak it in because someone needs to

4th and 111111111 punt