Instant Recap: Oklahoma State Falls to Texas 41-34 in Overtime

At home!!

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Thanks OSU, another golden opportunity squandered. OU will win the big 12 again, I don’t know why I sucked into the farce that is college football.

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Gundy definitely made the right move going for the throat. Sanders needs to learn to take care of the ball. Its every week. Sanders does not give this team the best chance to win. He needs benched

LSU’s offense is bad plan and simple. No schemes just plan football. When’d the last time in conference we blew somebody out? Yea this regime is going to fail you 100% of the time.

Auto correct I meant osu lol and it put in LSU…that goes to show how college football is Bld blood driven

12 years of not having an offensive line is just astonishing and should be tolerable any longer.

Jeff, I think you need a beer and a movie. The world isn’t ending…well it’s not ending because osu lost.

Seriously? You really need to take a long hard look in the mirror after making a despicable comment like that.


Iv got a beer thanks, just been watching College football for 25 years nothing changes.

Here is the difference in regulation:

Spencer Sanders, Special Teams, and Turnovers= 19 points for Texas

OSU defense= 15 points for Texas

The defense did what it needed to do against an offense averaging over 40 points per game. Unfortunately, the OSU offense ended up being the best offense for Texas tonight.

Texas scored 19 points off a kickoff return for a touchdown, additional turnovers and then only had to go 24 yards on offense for another 10 points

I give Gundy a lot of crap, but I can’t honestly sit here and admit this game wasn’t completely his fault (even though I thought he should’ve pulled SS after the second turnover).

The mere fact that this team was even able to send this game to OT after such a poor job of taking care of the ball is a testament to how well the defense played. Did they give up a touchdown on 4th down? Sure, but the entire body of work from the defense was really good all game.

Spencer Sanders is probably one of the most talented, but at the same time inconsistent Quarterbacks I’ve ever seen. He would have a great drive for a score and then turn the ball over in Texas territory. Unfortunately, I think that’s who he is and that problem may never be corrected. He might be better entering the transfer portal. He’s proven the past two games (and last year) he’s more of a liability to the offense than an asset.

I said this after the 2013 Bedlam loss and I’m going to reiterate it again. OSU is not ready to play on a championship level, and I doubt under the Mike Gundy era they ever will. Gundy got lucky and won one conference title. Since then this program has been stagnant and they keep proving my point season after season. They can’t win a game in crunch time and they can’t beat OU. I expect the same thing to happen this season.

This game scared me a little bit because the offense hasn’t been great this season. Eventually, that caught up with them and now I think this is a 7-3 season at best. They talk about Josh Sills going to the NFL. Well…his coaching staff probably needs to let him know he can’t just go down the field whenever he wants. This is the 2nd game in a row he was called as an ineligible receiver down field.

Despite the poor ball control and almost no receiver wanting to catch the ball except Tylan Wallace I was really surprised they even stayed in the game. This is what OSU football is unfortunately. Unlike OU which a majority of the time finds a way to win in crunch time, OSU will almost certainly find a way to lose in crunch time. That is just in OSU’s blood, and it will take a miracle for that to change.

When you turn the ball over four times, you’re going to lose. It’s that simple.


Pull the freaking quarterback out for a few plays!! Ou did that with their quarterback!

Listen this kid is not the answer

SOS in Stillwater

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I hope sanders got a concussion at the end so I never have to see him on the field again

I second the motion

Seriously? You guys are embarrassing. Go back to the OU board.

Seriously? This team isn’t going to Arlington. If they can’t do something as simple as do a hand off from the QB to the HB without fumbling (Something drilled into players on the High School level) then I highly doubt this team get through the rest of the conference unscathed. They definitely won’t be winning in Norman.

Ou taking care of business

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Not an OU fan. I’m just a cautiously and realistic OSU fan. I’m not blinded by how good OSU is or what to expect from them. I know who the Head Coach is and every time someone mentions “conference contender” I can expect to get an 8 (or maybe 9) win result with a conference finish anywhere from 3rd to 5th place.

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