Instant Recap: Oklahoma State Tops Iowa State 24-21

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The Cowboys remain undefeated.

Still playing not to lose!

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On that last sentence, I’m pretty sure Texas comes here this year. We went to Austin last year.

You are right. Homecoming is next week and Texas comes to Stillwater

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I have always criticized Gundy for this, but I really don’t have a huge problem with it this year because our defense is so good. That said, Gundy’s clock management was terrible. Why are we snapping the ball with 20 seconds left on play clock up two scores with 8 minutes left, especially when Gundy has every intention of staying in an offensive shell to grind out a W. If we are going to be a conservative, trust your defense kind of team, we need to do it right.


They had two scores pulled back in the 4th quarter. Be content.


Watch the last 3 minutes of Texas vs. Texas Tech.

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Offense = B-
Defense = B+
Overall= B+

Offensively- obviously the two interceptions and Mike Gundy’s “playing not to lose” mentality the entire 4th quarter is why I give the offense this grade. Any normal person in America that sees run, run, pass on every offensive drive can figure out that’s exactly a Mike Gundy trademark. He was literally doing everything possible in the 4th quarter to make this game closer than it needed to be. Imagine how pissed off people that read this blog would be had Iowa State recovered the onside and either tied the game or (God forbid) won the game? Will someone in the media please ask Gundy why he always does this? That strategy is more counter productive than anything, and eventually it will cause OSU to lose a game they probably shouldn’t lose.

Defense- What can I say? I think it’s pretty obvious that the defense has been the major reason for wins this season with the offense just barely doing enough to ensure those victories. My reason for this grade is the “Big Plays” ISU was able to get on the defense, and the fact that our defensive backs kind of struggled to stop a fat and slow white guy from Oklahoma (Charlie Kolar) that was able to have decent success against them. Other than these issues statistically speaking they did just about everything you need a defense to do.

Special Teams- besides the missed FG the special teams unit did an excellent job with field position, and keeping additional points off the board for the other team.

Overall- if this team can just be more consistent offensively, and Gundy doesn’t go into panic mode once he gets a one possession lead in the 4th quarter no team in the conference will be able to stop this team. Limit the turnovers, errors, and stupid head coaching decisions, and the pokes will be on a roll.

Every game will be a nail biter with this style of play. BORING! Hey how about a slant to the middle one time this year and I bet it goes to the house. Offense needs to pick it up.

With sanders throwing to which house u spoke of🤔

My problem isn’t necessarily the offense that OSU uses. My problem is how there is still more than enough time left in the game with only a 10 point lead when Gundy acts like he’s up by 20. Teams with a breath of life on offense can erase a 10 point lead in no time these days. For the most part they were successful on offense with the intermediate passing game and occasional runs. The Gundy mentality at the end of games makes a person sit on the edge of their seat trying to figure out if OSU can prevent themselves from winning rather than seeing if they will finally close the game to ensure the win.

Defense got rid of bad penalties. Had 3or4 break downs. Controlled purdy. We found out hale is human. Hutton did get with Presley. Stoner great. But we 2 holds on punts we didn’t even catch not good. Number 2 good catches at the end too, but had 3 penalties 2 were bad. R mountain man had a bad one too. Sanders Sanders Sanders that’s why Gundy doesn’t throw it around. A nail biter by definition can’t be boring. Show ur hands who real wants to open up the book for Sanders. It was a great win for me osu Gundy and I guess Sanders.

Still winning​:upside_down_face::star_struck::crazy_face:

Oh oh oh :raising_hand_man::raising_hand_man: guys I’ve read u post and think ur all right. To heck with winning, lets open up the play book​:hugs: I would love to see how mean interceptions sanders can throw​:woozy_face: don’t know if anyone noticed the cowboy back wrinkle. They will have a different for Texas. A another note penn state won’t jump us they lost​:joy::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::innocent:

I don’t blame Gundy for staying conservative, to this point the defense has been the strength of this team, and while Sanders is a gifted runner his pass game still leaves a lot to be desired. Honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Illingsworth takes his job. Just better hope we pick right because one of them is probably hitting the transfer portal after the season.

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Travis, you hit it right on the head with Gundy and his game management skills. I can’t believe yr after yr it never improves.


Sanders was so good everyone told me he would be in the NFL. One thing I do know (even though I’ve never seen it) I’m sure Gundy didn’t have those picks in his play book​:upside_down_face::crazy_face::woozy_face: just saying I think sanders went off script​:wink::rofl::innocent:

Everybody acts like this was a bad game. 2 pics 5 bad penalties and 3 or 4 defense brake downs. Not alot to work on.

OSU has the best defense in the league, arguably one of the top in the United States. Tech might have the worst. A tad bit different situation.

You don’t win championships playing conservative from 8:44 of the 3rd quarter.