Instant Recap: OSU Defeats Central Michigan 58-44 Thanks to Spencer Sanders' Huge First Half

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Mike Gundy earns career win No. 150.

Defense got me scared tonight. It looked like more zone defense than anything else and not much pressure. I despise zone defense and prefer man-zone with some pressure here then there. I’m not coaching but geeze these QBs will have a lot of open windows and all day to throw this season if tonight is an indication. Sanders was awesome image of more passes were caught holy Moses man.


100% mediocre tonight


First game. Let’s see if we can make some adjustments. Defense was stout against the run early then tapered off. Don’t know if we got cocky, subbed, got tired or what. It’s going to be hard for the defense to be stiff if we’re going to score at that kind of clip. That’s the problem every B12 team had 5-10 years ago.


Always a tight game in the first game. We looked really bad at corner and linebackers weren’t very good. Offensive line is the same now going on 50 years. Sanders looked good. Puzzling how we go in spurts on offense. Just like last year the offense will look good for about three or 4 drives and then go in a drought. I don’t know what to think about this team but it was the first game so. Gundy just hasn’t been very good in first games. It’s a trend. Hope they get things figured out before Baylor.


D looked shaky on the backend, and some of that was because our “studs” weren’t getting to the QB. I’m hoping adjustments will be made.

Absolutely loved the speed we played with on offense!


I’ll start with some positives and move into the negatives:


  • I thought Sanders played a great game. It’s not his fault that there were three or four drops by the receivers.

  • The defensive line looks solid. CMU only averaged 3.1 yards per rush. Lew Nichols only had 28 rushes for 72 yards.

  • The offensive line did a pretty good job with pass protection and did okay on run blocking

  • The play calling in my opinion seemed appropriate

  • Receivers look pretty good. We had three guys with more than 70 yards receiving in this game.


  • Pass defense was absolutely atrocious. CMU QB completed 74% of his passes for 424 yards. I felt like I was watching the 2012 OSU defense.

  • As a team we averaged 3.9 yards per rush against a defense that lost its top 5 tacklers last year. We need to be better than that.

  • We were up by 36 and the offense decided to stop playing I guess. Last 22 minutes of the game was terrible.

  • We forced one turnover the entire game. If our pass defense is going to suck we need to be able to commit more.

  • 546 yards given up against a G5 team. You aren’t getting back to the Big 12 championship game doing chit like that.

You did this in Waco then Blake Shapen is going to rip apart our defense.


Wasn’t a fan of that Derrick Mason hire. But it’s only the first game. He had better make some adjustments because that was a big FAIL for the defense IMO…


Embarrassing D. No LBs, no DB’s. Hope they can go from 0 to 100 in a couple of weeks. O line is the same old story. Appears we don’t have much of an RB. Time will tell. I was on a high at half and crashed by the end of the game. Go Pokes.


Stout early? They gashed us early, 2nd and 3rd quarter was better as far as their run game.

It’s more O-line IMO. Not a lot of space. Don’t remember us pulling a guard on a run play…we rarely do anyway.

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That was a rough second half in particular. Virtually no pressure on the CMU QB. Pass defense looked confused, guys left uncovered. Made their QB look like a future NFL star. Actually amazing we won that game, full credit to Spencer because if he didn’t play lights out, yikes.

Prediction - Pokes drop 5 points on Sunday’s poll. That was not a pretty win. Better straighten things out before ASU arrives. OSU has one of the best defensive lines in NCAA, best start figuring out some ways to dial up some pressure on QBs.



They had one big run early. I suppose they were mostly good throughout. I’m just thinking of those late runs that extended drives or led to scores.

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Defense was lined up wrong on a lot of plays. That’s on Mason, it is the first game though. DB’s better get a lot better , missed tackles, lining up 8-10 yards off the receivers , couldn’t cover them dragging a TE or RB across the middle… lots of mistakes to correct

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Good thing we weren’t playing a power 5. How many sacks did we have?


I couldn’t believe no DBs bumped a receiver when they went for it on 4th down. That’s way too conservative IMO!


We heard all this last year after MSU and Tulsa. Yes, we need to shore some things up before ASU next week. No need to panic. If we lose against ASU, you can go crazy. At least wait for something bad to happen.


Giving up 44 points, and 424 yards passing against a G5 QB is something bad that happened.

You forgot to tell us what a shitty game Dunn called joy. Vanilla offense :roll_eyes:

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