Instant Recap: OSU Defeats Central Michigan 58-44 Thanks to Spencer Sanders' Huge First Half

Did we do much blitzing. ? I don’t remember much. ? We did get a lot of young guys in

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In my own mind I sum up the game this way: the predicted weaknesses of this team turned out to be worse than what was anticipated.
But kudos to the O-line for giving Sanders so much time to throw the ball during the first half. That was impressive and surprising. If Mason can’t turn the defense around, then we can expect a 7 win season.

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I’m going to sound totally stupid or clueless. What happened with Ford tonight?

Right… I don’t know if it was mostly zone defense causing confusion on who supposed to cover who, lack of pressure because that QB had all day to throw, or Mason playing it safe. I watched that Alabama vs Auburn game also I remember it distinctly watching a balanced blitz and decent coverage.

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I’m pretty stoked we planned this offense around Sanders. Kudos to Dunn. I’ll lay off of him for a while. Great offensive planning tonight.


I can’t remember us blitzing any at all ….we just as well. The backer weren’t knocking anyone off their route either.

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Like there’s not really good G5 qbs :man_facepalming:We’re up 51-15 in the third we got lackadaisical and need to work on that, let’s please not hit the panic button on the first ■■■■ game of the season


Joy has just got to cry about something. Its in her nature.
Its funny joy can name all the chit teams having lineman going to the nfl.

Im not a nfl guy, but I know this. The qb from cmu that beat us last i knew is still in the nfl. Big ben is fron the mac. Ndsu has 3 qb in with one as a sb champion. Williams from Grambling was a sb mvp.

Ill stop there


I am a bit of a cynic, admittedly. I didn’t think that a win could be embarrassing until Mo State last year. Seems we are rinsing and repeating.

Derek Mason, please start earning your pay and live up to your reputation. Completely UNCOVERED receivers running by defenders as they simply look into the backfield is not acceptable in pop warner, much less FBS.

Mike Gundy, no sense hoping you ever stop playing ‘prevent a win offense’ too early with a lead as it is your ‘go to’ move. But, if you put your son in the game, let the kid throw an effing pass!!

All that, but congrats on the tainted win. Play like that against Arizona State and Herm Edwards will kick our a** without talent. Tulsa won’t be a cakewalk either.

GO POKES!!! :cowboy_hat_face: :football: :cowboy_hat_face:

Tainted win?

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I thought the play calling was fine. What I get irritated with is when we try to force something that isn’t there. Rarely seen that last night.

Wins aren’t embarrassing.

We don’t play Tulsa?



Yes OL did fine in my opinion, but I’m also keeping in mind its Central Michigan.

I didn’t say there wasn’t any good G5 quarterbacks, but this kid isn’t even on anyone’s radar. You think this is going to be fixed by the time we get to Waco? Getting outscored 29-7 by a G5 team on your own field in the last 23 minutes of the game is more than just lackadaisical.

I hope we get things figured out before Tulsa or Arizona State!! jmho…

Thanks, I need to check our schedule…

I’m not a college guy, but I know this. The Big 12 championship trophy we have is still the same one from 2011.

…in my mind, yeah. Tainted with exceptionally poor defense. jmho.

I still categorize Missouri State as tainted too. :sunglasses:

:football: :cowboy_hat_face: :cowboy_hat_face: :football:

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My apologies to the blog. Totally forgot that we have Ark-Pine Bluff this year and don’t play Tulsa. :crazy_face:

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You will need to earn are trust back after that tulsa schedule debacle.