Iowa state

You know a good coach would have replaced him with a better quarterback. Does a good coach come to mind?

How many actual bad pass did Sanders throw Saturday.
2 bad
2 throw aways
2 marginal
5or 6 drops

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Does he suck or not?

I don’t know of any good coaches beside gundy in the league. Ur do u mean that moron in norman was scared his bad coaching was going to lose his job. Lucky riley hasn’t had a chance to coach up Williams yet.

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2 bad pass no that doesn’t suck

You know Williams had been off the field the same amount of time as Gunner. Maybe let Gunner try to do what Williams has.

I dnt know what off the field means. But Williams has played in games before Texas.
I’m all for gunnar. It will be hard to for gundy to pull the trigger on gunnar. I think gunnar is the best option enough mobile and arm.

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How much had Williams played before Texas?

100 times more then gunnar.

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1 pass?

Will isu change their defense against osu.
It’s been a pattern to bring pressure. By the fourth quarter these defenses are dead tired. Only ksu keep with their zone coverage.

Iowa State has a defense?

Really I thought they did away with theirs.
That is not what I’m talking about

You’re an idiot!

Yes u are. 5 teams spent the games trying to maintain strong pressure. Did it get them any where.
They got tired and we have had control of the 4th quarter

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The only control we had was our defense controlling their offense. More proof you are an idiot.

Rite so the fact that r offense is controlling the ball for more then 9 minutes a game in big 12 is prove ur point.
That time is expand in the forth quarter
Pathetic jug

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Hopefully this week we get LD back, and I also saw Josh sills was on vegas injury reports with a leg injury. Has anyone heard anything on our 2 offensive key contributers?

I think ld is still out but Jackson is ready.
Have not hread about sills but I knew Wilson was playing alot in the Texas game.

Geez, whats wrong with LD, he’s been out forever just to be an ankle