Is Mike Gundy a Top-15 Coach in College Football Right Now?

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How does he stack up against Nick Saban, Kirby Smart and Jim Harbaugh?

Oh the comments should be interesting

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The winning percentage is pretty impressive! Of all the teams listed in the percentage, all the teams have more conference titles than OSU except Utah and Notre Dame.

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Gundy had a year when he could have jumped the Shark: 2011. He fell overboard and became an also ran.

I don’t think that phrase means what you think it means.

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You cannot talk up Gundy for doing well compared to history at OSU and not be amazed at what Mullen achieved at MSU. It was more impressive.

Thank You. Always happy to be teachable. Thinking back to a passage in the book LEGACY about NZ footballers. A book that Dabo Swinny read and fashioned his coaching strategy to produce greatness. A book Gundy needs to read. Cheers

It looks like an interesting book.

Here is what that phrase means to most people here:

Yes. I got it. I looked it up. First mistake I’ve made in 5 years. :innocent:

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Based on number of overall wins, and winning percentage: yes, Gundy is top 15
Based on prestige of bowl games, rivalry wins, and conference titles: absolutely not!!! Top 25 yes, probably but not top 15.

I’ll just say it once again. I’m done with Gundy. At this point, and I know I’m not being fair, but there is absolutely nothing Gundy can do right in my mind at this point. I agreed with most of his COVID comments, but I can see how to some they come across as uninformed. It cast Oklahoma State in a negative light. Whether right or wrong, it’s a fact that the national and local sports media ripped him to shreds for it. And that isn’t the first that he has come across negatively in dealing with media. He has ONE conference championship and TWO Bedlam wins. I just can’t get past those two facts more than anything. He has taken the program as far as he can and has become complacent. in which reflects in stagnated recruiting rankings. Boone gave 300 million to the football program. If you say he got his money’s worth before he died, you’re lying to yourself. Boone expected multiple conference titles and possibly a Natty before he left this world, and sadly our coach can’t and won’t deliver. We need new blood at the top. And at this point, I’m almost ok with change simply for the sake of change.


I offer with travis


He’s top 15.

I would classify myself as a ‘very conflicted’ fan relative to the Gumby topic …I understand both sides and I got a foot on each side…I see similarities to the Sean Sutton debate in terms of divided fans …that said, if I am Holder and forced to pick my poison i likely stay with Gumby for the revenue stability he would bring while figuring out what the future looks like (primarily fund raising for facilities and creating a FB specific Capital Fund)…the last thing Holder wants is a seasonal concern about FB revenue and a HC search …

You’re exactly right, why try to make something better when over half of the fans think this is as good as it could possibly get.

My vote is that we let coach Boyton coach basketball and football!


Maybe not coach, but definitely recruit.

If you think Gundy is in the top 25, you’re kidding yourself. Just watch Jelani be a tackling dummy in the backfield again next year, and tell yourself he’s not an idiot… Again! He turned Gleeson into a mannequin on the sidelines to keep from embarrassing himself. Mike holder is a great person, but awful administrator. He treats the coaches like kids he’s coaching. When did he ever fire anyone?! Let’s start with the biggest ego on our planet! F mike and his dumb self. ( mike is lower case on purpose.) Boone deserved better.

If recruiting and being able to utilize the small amount of talent that you have you know the three kids we have each year and being able to put together a different game plan together to throw off your opponent then…that would be a big no for me.

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This didn’t age well