'It's Year 7, They Want Results': Boynton Understanding of Fanbase's Disgruntlement about Rough Start

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‘Nothing is more frustrating than the team you want to win not win.’

Well I can at least appreciate he knows his goose is likely cooked.

Coach Boynton has had this conversation before. Love the man and really want to see him turn it around but 7 years now, the clock is certainly ticking

Boynton is everything you want in a coach , except getting results on court. Guy is stand up and straightforward about what’s expected. I really like Boynton. I hope he turns it around but I’m not counting on it


7 yrs and nothing to show for it except he can recruit. Well that hasn’t even helped so how long do we do this dance? His teams can’t shoot free throws and struggles shooting the 3s throughout his tenure. He’s a great guy but just an average head coach unfortunately.

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Love what he’s about and the effort he puts forth. Unfortunately, the results are not there and I don’t see any indication that will change.

If they can run a half court offense and consistently get good looks, maybe I’ll change my mind, but I’ve watched their inability to do that for 7 years and don’t see any reason that would change. I don’t see why they don’t get out and run more.

It’s no wonder these guys shoot the percentages they do, everything is contested in the half court offense (if you could call that an offense).


Travis Ford = 155-111 (.583) w/ 5 tournament appearances. (8yrs)
Mike Boynton = 110-94 (.539) w/ 1 tournament appearance. (7yrs)

I think this sums it up. If we were tired of Ford then there is no chance Boynton survives.


Good point! I did not like Ford. I thought he was too full of himself. But just looking strictly at results he has done quite a bit better than Boynton. I understand Boynton had to deal with the sanctions, but that excuse can only be used for so long.

I think the biggest issue was his constant whining to the officials. It got so bad that it felt like we never got any calls.

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You talking about Ford or Boynton?

Ford. Always complaining with officials.

I figured that’s who you were talking about. Yes, he would always whine to the officials.

I see Illinois is ranked again. Let’s see how Brad is doing.

Underwood at Illinois is 121-80 (.602) w/3 tourney appearances. 1 conference title.

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I’m sure Holder was what ran him off. Holder has done some nice things for OSU, but the thing he could never get right was hoops. I want to see if Chad can get this thing moving in the right direction.

Doug Gottlieb needs to be next head coach at Oklahoma State, Boynton is a great person, but has had 7 years at 3 million a year to get it right, limited results regardless of NCAA problems.
Gottlieb wants the job, wants to come home and stir things up at Oklahoma State with fans & media…, maybe bring his brother Greg in as associate head coach. With Holder gone & Shrum as President this option needs to be talked about and a story written about it to get the OSU fan base take…and interview / talk to Doug about his desire to be head coach at Oklahoma State…the timing is right to discuss this option in the media.

Eddie & Doug’s dad Bob would be looking down smiling if this can to fruition…Creighton brothers

Gundy, Holiday, Smith, Gottlieb……nothing to lose everything to gain.


If there aren’t legitimate hires out there who would take the job why not give Doug a shot. Maybe we go poach the KSU coach seeing that he should be pretty pissed off over the Nae’Qwan Tomlin situation.


I don’t hate the idea of Gottlieb getting a try.

I do hate the idea of Boynton ‘owning it’ giving him any leeway. He has not changed the way he thinks or coaches at all over the last seven years. Ala Holgy in football, some are just not made to be head coaches even though fantastic coordinators or recruiters. This experiment has gone on too long and much too expensively too.

As for Doug, he would need to sign a contract guaranteeing that his players would be required to shoot free throws and layups better than could he!! You have to have an incredible assist record when it is all that you can do offensively on a basketball floor. He was not my favorite player by any stretch. I wonder if Ivan McFarlin could be an assistant and coach effort and fundamentals. :cowboy_hat_face: Boynton can take a pay cut to his actual value and stay on as a recruiter or… move on.

Happy Friday, everyone. GO POKES!!

Maybe Boynton’s realization that he is failing at his job will make him more inclined to accept less of a buyout at the end of this season.

No. Hiring gimmick coaches does not work out in the end (it’s gotten Colorado a lot of attention in football, but the record is not looking promising). Gottlieb is not a coach. He’s never even been an assistant coach. His only experience coaching was a very short term deal at the Maccabiah Games, not exactly high level coaching. OSU need someone with real coaching experience. An up-and-coming head coach from a smaller school would probably be best (like Underwood before he bailed). You don’t hire someone just because he’s an alumnus. Gundy is still having success, even though he drives fans crazy. Smith is at the end of his career and the ending is not pretty. Holiday…well, his teams have consistently underachieved and his postseason record is nothing to brag about. Next year’s Big 12 will be a killer as a basketball conference. There is a lot to lose.


Boynton: Good man, Good recruiter, Good assistant, Not a good HC. If this season goes as bad as we’re all expecting, then he needs to be let go.
My only worry is that he’ll get another year as a cost saving move with his buyout.
I agree with @soothsayer that the next HC needs to have real coaching experience. @bruce4 brings up a good point; we need to keep an eye on the situation in Manhattan KS. If things go south and Tang is out, OSU should pounce and hire him.

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