J.W. Walsh Says Coaching at OSU Has Been 'Goal From Day One'

I’m willing to bet that if J Dub became the HC for OSU that he would probably have more than two bedlam wins in sixteen seasons. Any takers? You heard it here first!!!


I was just thinking the exact same thing!! Lmao

At least I’m not use a glass to collect piss. We have indoor plumbing

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In 20 years we will keep u to that

Is a quality control coach allowed to go on the road recruiting?

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I would think he will work with the other coach. I mean do joe want a quality control coach leading the way on a 4 star recruit :blush::star_struck::money_mouth_face::crazy_face::innocent::exploding_head::cowboy_hat_face:

It’s not me it’s your head up your a$$ that puts you to sleep.

Nice ar0 u being told ur boring and u play that card

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If we are just going to insult each other, I choose to be the best.

A$$ is never the best card unless its ur only card. This was to u call someone else an a$$ not me. U never have the best card when I’m dealing.

I want someone who can actually sign 4/5 star recruits. Recruiting in the early stages (10th grade) is about building relationships. Would love to see Walsh have an opportunity.


Robert shouldn’t you be bobbing on Gundy right now.

That’s ur come backs now. Know u said some bad stuff and correct it by talking about how someone is a a$$ and giving head. Adult not. U should have just lead with “I totally sport all of osu student athletes.”

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This is the type of guy Holder would hire. If he could make his way up the ranks in the next 5 years, I’d love to see him get a shot.

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I dnt mind but he still has to get higher up on the tree

Why not find someone who has coached under a good coach that can win numerous conference titles and a national championship or two.

So ur idol Barry ou switzer. Ou troll

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Because I don’t live in your mindset where college football is a level playing field.

1.) Mike Holder does not go after high profile coaches, period. He hires alums 90% of the time. The rest have been off-the-radar hires.

2.) People do not generally go coach for Nick Saban to come work at Oklahoma State. Sarkisian, Smart, Kiffin, these guys are looking for big time jobs and schools with traditions. Now, Mike Stoops is going to go be a DC at FAU, but Mike Stoops also has cratered him rep and will probably never be a head coach again.

We don’t have a great chance against the blue bloods as it is, but we have zero chance trying to beat them at their own game.

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  1. Can you name a John Smith equivalent in football or a former coach’s son like Josh Holliday that wants to coach football. Can you name a top football program that has a alumni as coach?

  2. As far as Saban coaching tree. I’m not sure how you missed it with everyone on here bringing it up but "we are a top 10 winningest program over the last decade ". Ok that hasn’t impressed me either. How about Dabo Swinney’s coaches.

New coaches that work at it usually get a good bump in recruiting like Gundy did until they prove they can’t beat their rival or compete for conference titles.