Jaden Bray More than Just a ‘Freak of Nature’ Physique in 2022

Originally published at: Jaden Bray More than Just a ‘Freak of Nature’ Physique in 2022 | Pistols Firing

Bray had 250 receiving yards as a freshman and looks to make a big leap in 2022.

Something about Bray reminds me of Blackmon.
I also heard JP caught every ball thrown to him last year.

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Both great…

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Bray is my pick for breakout player of the year for OSU.

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Got to have someone throw him accurate passes that he can catch consistently.

Got to get the ball to the playmakers in which gundy’s teams have had a hard time doing the last few years. It’s not gundy’s fault because he doesn’t coach anymore as he says. How many times after bad games do we hear gundy say about a kid on this team that “yea we need to do a better job of getting the ball in the playmakers hands more? We shall see aging.

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How many bad games were there. You sobered up for that comment

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You must not have watched any games then. We won 12 last year Jeff , surely you have sobered up enough from Gundy winning 12

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I’m more concerned with the offensive line and running game than I am with Sander’s throwing capabilities. Most of his interceptions were against the best team in the conference. I’ll agree he needs to be better though and a little more consistent.

“ He wasn’t ready to play last year, but he helped us win a few games.”

If he’s helped you win a few games then I would say he was more ready than you thought he was. Not even Blackmon had as many yards as Bray did as a freshman before he broke out on the scene.

Green had more. He is got to be your te.

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I don’t know gundy said 6 games last year in this article but guess you didn’t read. Lol.

I know you believe me but do you believe the words out of your coach’s mouth?

We never throw the ball to the Cowboy Back. Expect those numbers to go down.

He got a catch every game after he switched

1 thing this kid got over woods. He can carch the ball.

You know koler and woods got a lot of yards last year. There coaches got 13 wins combined

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Dude if you think Gundy is going to keep targeting the Cowboy Back then you’re delusional. He’s not going to, and you can expect our Cowboy Backs to continue the tradition of being undrafted free agents.

I guess you missed the part were were woods and kolar went for 13 wins. Im not worried how many times they target the cowboy back. Your a moron

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I guess you missed the part where Woods had to transfer to let his skills shine and get drafted.

I guess you would have been happy if woods stayed got draft and we went for 6 wins. That makes sense from your logic. I will always take 1 less drafted pick for 12 wins.

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Would’ve been nice to have an experienced Cowboy back in the conference championship.

I will always take a championship and additional draft pick. It’s funny to see you cry so much because deep down you know Woods was underutilized lmao!!!