Kasey Dunn, OSU OC Notes

It always happens on a holiday, doesn’t it?

After a day of rumors, tweets and information being distributed like it was shot out of a JUGS machine, I wanted to report on what I’ve been hearing out of Stillwater.

1. One source told me Kasey Dunn is almost definitely staying with Oklahoma State and that UNLV has been made aware of this. This coincides with a Football Scoop report from Tuesday. It also has seemed odd that UNLV hasn’t announced anything official about Dunn almost a week after it was originally reported that he was coming on there as Marcus Arroyo’s offensive coordinator. That stuff usually goes down in a day or two after the bowl game, and OSU’s bowl game was four days ago.

I think OSU has been pretty aggressive about keeping him and upping his responsibilities. It feels a little like the Josh Henson-Arizona State situation from a few years ago on a bigger scale. Where Henson left for a month and came back.

While I don’t know what’s going on with Sean Gleeson and Rutgers, I don’t think it’s a stretch to think that Dunn could end up with some sort of offensive coordinator duties for OSU – presuming he does in fact stay – next season.

2. I do wonder if OSU would be OK with Gleeson leaving so they can promote Dunn. That’s pure conjecture, but Brett McMurphy reported today that several schools are inquiring about Gleeson, and I would imagine OSU values having Dunn (continuity!) over having Gleeson. Again, pure conjecture on my part.

3. There’s a lot of “Todd Monken is going to be the OC!!!” stuff flying around right now. Again, this is unsurprising. OSU fans will always be emotionally tied to Monken, and they should be. Also, we reported last year that Monken was OSU’s No. 1 choice to replace Mike Yurcich – because, duh – before Monken took the Browns OC job.

I believe there will always be interest on OSU’s part if and when some sort of position is open as long as Gundy is coach, but people are getting way out over their skis with this. There is no opening right now, which is kind of the point.

So maybe eventually Todd Monken coaches in Stillwater again at some point in the future (maybe even soon), but the stuff out there insinuating that this is imminent or at the forefront is not as solid as it seems, according to one source I talked to. If only because, again, there’s currently no job opening to be had.


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RE: on Gleeson

Take it with a grain of salt. The PFB crew definitely have the better sources than anything I have.

I talked with some people and some of things I’ve heard for Gleeson possible going to Rutgers:

  1. Family not big on living in Oklahoma
  2. Would probably get a pay bump
  3. Gleeson would get more more autonomy with the offensive play calling

I know that’s pretty generic stuff, but when I first heard there was interest from Rutgers I was confused because on paper it seems like a step down than a lateral move.


Great stuff! I hope we get more clarity soon. Have you heard anything about a timeline to solidify things with dunn?

Do we know who the P5 teams that are interested in Gleeson? I know Penn State was rumored but they hired Minnesota’s OC. Rutgers too, any one else?

I really feel like you should also mention Sam Mayes because he had a big part in breaking this.

Idk if you just joined today, but @kyleporterCBS actually let us know yesterday morning that something was happening, which was before anyone had reported it. Sam basically just said he was hearing things, which is not the same as reporting. PFB did acknowledge football scoop, who I believe is the only site to officially report anything.


Sam Mayes may break a lot of things but Oklahoma State news is not one of them.


Yes I did just join today. It still would have been more proper to mention Sam than football scoop imo. I get that a lot of people don’t like Sam Mayes though because he’s so die hard OSU.

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Ok Sam Mayes…


I am starting to think jake is Sam…


I don’t think being die-hard OSU is why people aren’t the biggest fans of Sam lol


They dislike him because of how critical he is of Mike Gundy and OSU football in general. He does those things because he lives and breathes OSU football. So by default, people don’t like him for being a fan, even though they think they don’t like him because they’re dumb enough to think he actually likes OU.

Sam didn’t officially report anything, so why would PFB mention that Sam is hearing things when @kyleporterCBS heard the same things several hours before? I think a lot of people have problems with Sam, to me he comes off as very arrogant and a little ignorant.


Not going to start 2020 arguing with someone who is defending Sam Mayes lol


Die hard OSU fans do go to the movies over watching the OSU bowl game. No one can dispute that.


Look, there’s no reason to gang up on me here. It’s okay to like OSU and like Sam Mayes.


Welcome to PFB, happy to have you.

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Are you sure your name is Jake and not Sam though? :wink::joy:


Maybe :smirk: