Kobe Bryant, RIP

Holy freaking crap. If this is true (and TMZ is pretty good about it)…wow.


Nothing on ESPN yet. They would have a Breaking News break if this was true. Also, nothing on their ticker yet.

(Unless it’s really early, of course.)

The LA County Sheriff’s Department has confirmed that a helicopter crash in Calabasas just killed five people. Not confirming Kobe yet, but the details line up…

Maybe check his Twitter…? I’m not on Twitter.

ABC7 in LA has confirmed it.

Nobody has picked it up, yet…

Not saying I don’t believe you. More and more local outlets are reporting it. It’s just not being shown on major networks yet.

This type of thing wouldn’t not be true. TMZ nails this stuff.

I’m genuinely stunned right now.


Oh, here we go, showing on CNN.

Edit: Ah, they only said there was a helicopter crash, but didn’t mention Kobe.

This is crazy. I don’t even have words…

Woj isn’t wrong so…wow.

CNN is about to report more on it live…

I don’t know why I feel the way I feel right now, but I’m completely shook.


On the verge of tears.


That’s unbelievable. Holy crap.

I’m honestly at a loss for words. This one has just totally thrown me for a loop.

Every team should retire 24.

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And NBA should cancel the rest of games today. I know that’s not going to happen. But this is too much.

Apparently ABC has reported the other four victims could be his daughters… :unamused:

If that’s the case, his wife is going to need the best professional help she can get. That is going to be extremely hard to go through for the rest of her life.

I really, really, really hope that ABC is wrong there.


Just heard the confirmation the other 4 were his daughters. That’s the worst man…