Lincoln Riley on Future of Bedlam: 'It's Our Hope That We Can Continue That'

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Lincoln reiterated what OU brass said last week about Bedlam.

Nope. Go play Mississippi State.


These guys need to get switzer interview. It actually real.
Poor riley better practices his x and o he will soon need them

Nope, Although Riley probably had none to very little to do with the move he still has to go pound sand with the rest of those back stabbin SOB’s. Ohh in case anyone cares I’m never letting OU off the hook for this one, they can pound sand forever.


I hope Riley goes to the NFL with Rattler and OU is left looking for a coach as they go to the SEC and they get creamed.


Why, they may find a real coach that can pull off upsets.

We might find a real coach that can win conference titles and beat our rival but you’re against that Roberto. Hypocritical dunce.


Robert is just "duncing in the dark "

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Lincoln knows OU has nothing to lose as long as Gundy is across the field. Gundy is still the best thing to happen to OU football.

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They don’t care. Just want to come out looking like the good guys if Bedlam goes away.


Well 4 more loses at most.

I’m a traditionalist too and I still give the finger to ou

Good lord y’all are still butt hurt about this

Let the future take its final form and maybe renew bedlam in 5 years.

Nauseating to read.

You can tell they think they’re really throwing us a golden bone by saying they’d still like to play us. We’re not OU’s booty call when they want to be able to point and say “look, we didn’t abandon you!”

If OU is willing to accomodate US to make it work, then sure let’s do it. But, I think our public statement needs to be that: Given OU’s actions, we deem any supposed partnership to be over, and they’re just another D1 school as far as we’re concerned for scheduling, partnerships, etc.

We’ve already been big-timed enough this offseason for the next decade. We don’t need to pimp ourselves out to OU so they can use us as their olive branch to the Big12 and the general public.

Let’s invest in our ties to other schools because the whole in-state bond connection doesn’t mean anything anymore - conferences are the border-lines in football unless you’re in a HS-pipeline state.


“Letting OU off the hook”…….I think they’ll be perfectly fine without playing Bedlam in football again. OSU needs a bedlam series. OU does not. You people better hope your leadership is wiser than you are & keep Bedlam. Because if you don’t…….you will be in more trouble than you already are. OU needs Texas. It’s just a fact. OSU needs OU. That’s also a fact.

Just curious here. What do you think OU gains by continuing a Bedlam football series? Conversely, what does OSU gain?

About the same we all gain from you trolling. Have a nice day, bud. Also, Ketchup sucks - GO MUSTARD! That’s the real rivalry we should be talking about here.


Having a discussion isn’t trolling. Taking shots or belittling you or your points is trolling. I haven’t done either…….except to Robert.

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Well my comment that you responded to is literally the answer to both of your questions.

I think OU gains in the PR department and recruiting department by playing oSu (not by much, but way more than any other non-con team they’d be able to schedule a home-and-home with every season). Based on the past century or so, they also gain just about .8 wins per year by playing oSu.

oSu doesn’t gain anything really in my opinion. It means about .8 losses per year, it hurts us in recruiting if anything, and it wastes our program’s time on a partnership with a school that has shown they’re not a good school to be in a partnership with.

Under the new CFP format, we don’t need an OU out-of-conference game to bolster our strength of schedule. If anything, the OU game would yet again operate to be our barrier to post-season success. On top of that, now there’s basically no upside to beating OU for us (before beating OU meant we won the Big12 - now it’s literally just one tally in the win column).