LIVE BLOG: Oklahoma State-Texas Face Off for Big 12 Championship

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Live updates from the action in Arlington.

Let’s do this !

Final scores?

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I think mine was like 38-35 for us .

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42 35 osu its about time lets go pokes

here we go

am I going to have to turn the sound off? Geeze

Pass Protection is not good

So 1 drive by each team. One team had the OC calling tight coverage downfield throws and the other calls easy, get-in-rhythm completions. Hmm, I wonder which one scored first.

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Bad start so far.

This game clearly shows the difference between an OC who calls plays with a purpose and an OC who just randomly pulls plays from the playsheet.

OMG. Dunn called a misdirection play (and imagine that it worked).

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What I see is Texas players illegally draped all over our receivers while we aren’t within 5 yards of their their receivers. We need to tighten up that defense. Why is it we never figure it out before the game?

Texas got away with PI on our first two drives- then the refs called it, and we scored. Let’s go

I just saw why their receiver was so open on that first td. He literally pushed the defender away when he made his cut.

Chunk yardage plays.

You know it would be nice if nardo could engineer at least one D stop in this half

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That was out of bounds.

Fat guy comes in and fools us. Like, we couldn’t see him.

Nardo looks lost. I get we’re playing some freshman, but still. Texas is averaging about 15 yards per play right now. Dunn and Gundy better put on their big boy playcalling pants because we’re gonna have to score 40 to have a shot in this game.

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