Live Blog Recap: OSU Suffers Second Straight Blow Out Loss as Kansas Rolls 37-16

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OSU gets humbled once again in the Sunflower State.

Texas Tech is giving TCU all it can handle right now.

W-W-O with the brand on the helmet. At least the combo is good. As for the rest of the team :person_shrugging:

Just heard on the radio that Garret Rangel is going to start

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Here’s hoping he can ball out. One advantage is that there’s no tape on him.

27-17 TCU pulling away. Honestly, I hope they win out.

Meanwhile, with about 6 min left in the 4th: Ohio State 14 Northwestern 7.
I’m sure @CarsonCunningham is loving this score :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Who knows? Maybe he’s Weeden at Colorado. Hopefully he’s not Alex Cate at Colorado.


:crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

Welp looks like this isn’t going to go well

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Looks like a continuation of the KSU game. Turn overs on Offense and the Defense getting slashed and gashed

Lucky it’s only 10-0 at this point.

FS1 playing Bittersweet Symphony to end the 1st. How appropriate.

now 5 quarters without a Offensive score

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Before today, I said we finish 2-2 at best. Now 0-4 is looking like a reality.

Finally some ■■■■ points


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6-6 here we come :unamused:

Well it’s a good thing we are already bowl eligible. Though the bowl we go too won’t be much.

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