Looking at the 10-Year Win Percentages of the Big 12

You don’t know any more about agriculture than you do about sports. For your information Clemson has a tremendous registered angus herd built on donations. Wrong again.

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So your say there Angus are better then your range cows.

Overall, no there isn’t any cows better than mine. Our genetics rank in the top 1% of the breed on more traits than any other. We leave the being mediocre to you and Gundy.

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I’m glad that your own cows aren’t the only ones full of chit.

Back to football. When have you shown any knowledge of sports.

By the way the boys tied for regional title today. 7th in a row. Ou won theirs big 12 got 5 in.

Another stat

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We still end up mediocre in total bowls played.

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Second most wins in the conference while still currently ranked 5th in the conference when it comes to conference trophies sitting in Stillwater.

How many teams have that many seats or less still have more conference titles than Gundy? Baylor and K State come to mind. So who will be the next one?

Winning the big twelve doesn’t make you anything but “part of the field of 80” as you say

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I only start talking down to people when I’m attacked. I don’t intentionally provoke anything. If the truth is considered provocative then consider me guilty.

I’m not even asking for that. I’m just asking for the amount of conference titles Baylor and K State have to this point.

False, but you’ve never let reality get in your way before. Sometimes that works to your benefit Iike when you became the first special needs greeter at your local Walmart (inspirational). Sometimes you just make a fool of yourself like when you were predicting a 4 win season after week 1. Honk honk, you inspirational clown.

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Weird how Baylor and K State haven’t been to as many bowls as OSU, but still have more Big 12 conference titles🤷‍♂️

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Maybe not, but it will still make you part of the field of 16. I’ll take being able to win a conference title once every 3-4 years and an NY6 bowl in the same time frame. How does that sound? Can we make it happen? Or should we just wait until year 20 for a second conference title?

You can’t possibly tell me that you or anyone else on this forum (except Robert and Michael because they’re too stupid to figure out what good should look like) didn’t have the same thoughts after the chit show that was displayed in the first two games of the year. Get over yourself!!!

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Dude if your not in the playoff your grouped with everyone else.

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Oh okay. I see you’ve decided to believe the Gundy concept. Let’s not go ahead and at least get consistent enough to be a program that’s capable of going to the CFP or being on anyone’s radar. Let’s just continue to make the Alamo and Cheez-It bowl the norm.

This is what the problem has been. You guys are under the impression I’m asking Gundy to make OSU a national title contender. I’m not even asking for that. I’m just asking that we win a conference title and/or NY6 bowl more than once every 10 years. Is that really impossible for OSU football to do?

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I’m really over arguing with you lol you do you and stay salty


I see joy logic is winning friends an influencing none